Our Orwellian Future - University Suggests System to Track Student's Presence on Campus - Granite Grok

Our Orwellian Future – University Suggests System to Track Student’s Presence on Campus

Hiding spying surveillence

The left’s testing ground for all of its idiot ideas is the University Campus. Speech codes, diversity councils, star chambers, and anti-discrimination policy that deliberately discriminates. So, no one should be surprised by this idea

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A public university in Virginia is testing a new computer tracking system that will allow university officials to monitor a student’s presence on campus based on when and where he connects to the on-campus WiFi network.

This is just a test.

“We are in the initial stages of information sharing with students in Focused Inquiry courses about the goals of our student success initiative which is focused on the importance of classroom attendance in successful learning,” the university said in a statement. “We have not yet begun any data analysis so it is too early to speak about the progress of the pilot.”

The assumption is that the system will link to a device like a mobile phone, but I’d be surprised if it did not evolve into chipping student ID’s with either passive or active RFID technology. 

Even as an attendance tracking system at some point, they will need to add surveillance and facial recognition as well. Anyone can borrow an ID or a phone and saunter past an access point.

But don’t worry, no one will have access to your data, and it will never be used for any other purpose.


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