Seattle's Antifa-BLM Autonomous Marxist Paradise Becomes Dependent Needy Train Wreck Overnight - Granite Grok

Seattle’s Antifa-BLM Autonomous Marxist Paradise Becomes Dependent Needy Train Wreck Overnight

The peaceful protests in Seattle became so “not-peaceful” that City police abandoned a local precinct in fear for their lives. Antifa and BLM proceeded to take over six square city blocks, which they declared an autonomous community. But one day into paradise and things are going about the way you’d expect.

This report comes from Salty Cracker on YouTube, care of Rick Olson – who forwarded me the clip. It might be the best 8 minutes of your day.

The leader of the Marxist revolution is an 18-year old anarchist vegan transwoman lesbian. That means “she” is a man who ‘transitioned’ to a woman that wants to have sex with women and (I guess) eat soy.

If they had some.


Seattle Anarchists - send food

The homeless people they invited in stole all the food from the cop-free autonomous Marxist paradise, and now they need food. This is a problem when your six square blocks of paradise were recently burned and looted. It’s a bigger problem when you let an 18-year old anarchist vegan transwoman lesbian run things.

The stress appears to be too much, and this drama queen is professing a desire to commit suicide (pay attention to me, Dammit!). Probably because he/she is a white, anarchist, anti-capitalist, who prominently displays their cash app link so you can give them money.

Oh, and “she” is an admitted serial abuser (of women) who would by Left-wing standards be a misogynist pig except ‘he’ transitioned to a she – the same advice I gave Bill Clinton, Tony Weiner, Jeffy Epstein, and Joe Biden. There’s no #MeToo if you say you are a chick.

While that bit of political theater plays out to some illogical conclusion, Salty Cracker tells us that a warlord has stepped in to take the reins in the vacuum left by the suicidal anarchist vegan transwoman lesbian. He’s black, and he has weapons and followers with weapons, and they are now in charge.

How’s that going?

According to Salty Cracker, the defund-police-anarchists who are not in power and feeling a bit less autonomous are less than thrilled and looking for some protection. As Salty notes, no cops should come to their rescue. They should vote with their feet until the foodless, autonomous-paradise has been abandoned, though that leaves one more significant issue unresolved when Seattle reclaims the territory. This whole mess is a result of this city (and many others) being run top to bottom by Democrats. If you don’t change that problem, you’ll always have all the others.

We’re expecting a “measured response” with more of the same.

Here’s the video.