Did Seattle Figure Out How To Remove Feces off the Sidewalks Without Appearing Racist? - Granite Grok

Did Seattle Figure Out How To Remove Feces off the Sidewalks Without Appearing Racist?


It is a long-held maxim of conservative bloggers – Let the left speak, and you will never be lacking for material. Am I right? Just ask Seattle, where, like San Francisco, they have a poop problem. Which resulted in a bigger problem? How to remove the feces without appearing racist.

It’s a clash of liberal movements if you catch my drift. In a first-world city with a third world problem. That never got better.

Back in 2017, two judges claimed that the court staff was at risk from the assault of both their persons and their nostrils. Could the city please do something about the vagrants the poop and urine?

“Permanent residents” of a nearby park said there was nothing to fear from the people ‘living’ near the King County Superior Courthouse. Maybe. But what about the squatters poop? You can’t leave that stuff sitting around. Combined with the garbage that tends to pile up (near the ‘permanent residents’ of city parks and streets) these conditions attract vermin and disease, just ask LA.

Removing poop was a priority but how to do it was an issue. You can’t just wash it away.

Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.

That story is three years old. The liberal posturing is not. Nor is the poop problem. Last December we reported on the Seattle Utopia. The New Left’s “City on a Hill” Is a Turd on a Sidewalk Next to a Dirty Needle.

If you are looking for how socialism doesn’t work, Venezuela’s nice but save some time and look to Seattle.

Compassionate socialists have seized control of city government. And they are walking the Emerald City down a path to a cliff and off into the deep end. For what and whom? It’s socialism. They do it for the bureaucrats who manage the ruin.

Speaking or ruin, last month during a power outage the experts at everything in Seattle allowed millions of gallons of raw sewage to dump into Peugeot Sound.

Ecology said they are investigating a 3 million-gallon sewage spill Friday morning at the West Point Wastewater Treatment Plant at Discovery Park in Seattle, and another spill Thursday at the Renton Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The people doing the people’s work will get to the “bottom” of all these problems eventually if they can figure out how to get out of their own way. Which they can’t. Because the solution to everything that happens in the Left’s utopia is spending more of your money to grow their government. That translates to if you can’t hide the s**t on the sidewalk (without washing away the ‘P’ in Utopia)  you’ll need another layer of bureaucrats to make sure no one can figure out why.

But someone’s working on it. The same the way the Massachusetts RMV was working on those license revocations.