Socialism is Selling Slavery as Utopia - Granite Grok

Socialism is Selling Slavery as Utopia

Socialism is Marketing Promises

For millennials the media and more importantly educators frame the presentation of socialism.  The sellers, the media and educators, are offering what they know the potential buyer, youth and millennials, already want. This is much easier than starting from scratch to convince the buyer they need the product.

The utopia versus reality choice

They are presenting a utopian socialist ideal. It doesn’t address real-world problems. Everyone wants education, prosperity, jobs, justice, and a strong community. This makes it attractive to those unwilling or unable to deal with messy reality.  Society and government today are trending toward intolerance, oppression, and tyranny.  We know people have a desire for security. Socialists do not talk about actually existing socialist countries. They simply ignore their historical records.

The talking points compare reality, which they call capitalism but actually isn’t, to the utopia of socialism.  In the utopian socialist vision there can be only one answer.  The only way to live a fulfilled, connected life is to share all things with them equally.  What this ignores is that it implies the government must take everything from everyone. You see that’s the only way to take care of everyone equally.

Those supporting free enterprise are selfish, isolated, and uncaring.  The presentation is made with these options as the binary choice.  Young people receive the presentation as these are the only possible futures of America. No wonder so many succumb to the siren call of socialism.

Selling Socialism

Who can be opposed to “an economy that works for all?”  Who doesn’t want a system that “meets all of its people’s needs?”  Wait, isn’t this the description of slavery? The master provides all the needs of the people, directs what they will do, and proscribes the forbidden?

Reality has taught us there is nothing kind or selfless about socialism.  It doesn’t promote community, prosperity, or justice.  It destroys them. You see, unfortunate as it may be, none of socialism’s promises are true.  It promises everything, to everyone, all of the time. That is unrealistic.

Most people who want socialism in America don’t realize that they are being sold a bill of goods.  Socialism is a fairy tale with an ending that will harm everyone.  We’ve seen this over and over again in the last century. We have seen it in dozens of countries.

Known results

The results are always tyranny, lower standards of living, and heartbreaking results.  Socialism will morally bankrupt America.  It is time to understand the truth about this dangerous philosophy. We each need to defend the founding principles. We need to do that because tolerance, love of life, freedom, and property rights have moved America farther faster than any other country in history. Wake up millennials’ socialism is nothing more than marketing promises.