The Democrat Party Is A Theocracy Intolerant Of All Other "Religions" - Granite Grok

The Democrat Party Is A Theocracy Intolerant Of All Other “Religions”

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The Democrat Party has forgotten its roots. It demonstrates daily it does not care for the average working American. It wants to defund the police. It is a theocracy and is intolerant of all other religions.

Most of its supporters are the rich. The rest are bought and paid for thugs like Anarchists, Antifa, BLM and Islamists. Why has the makeup of the party grown into such a beast?

Maybe wealthy Democrats who support socialism do not intend to give up their wealth.  They like the two tier system they have in place. They support a two-tier system placing themselves as the aristocratic class, separate from the general masses. Separate levels of wealth, a separate system of justice, and separate due process.

They have no intention of creating a sort of a level society. Democrats, socialists have no intention of giving up their wealth. What they really want is authoritarian control. They realize that when you look at socialist societies they all create a two-tier structure. It’s equality for the masses but aristocracy for us. , This is true both of authoritarian and democratic socialism.

Socialism is utopia. Ordinary human government never has and never will measure up to utopia. By definition, it just isn’t possible. Implementing socialism would provide the wealthy with greater power than they have in a free market economy. That’s what attracts the Big Tech rich. It is what brings along the sycophants from Hollywood, media, and Democratic politicians.

We understand the media is no longer free and independent. It is intuitively obvious to the casual observer the media is working in collusion with the government. People like those in the media are fake. They have press credentials but they’re actually on a team, though they’re pretending not to be.

So how Americans can stem its movement towards socialism along with the attendant election fraud? At this point there’s one answer; you’ve got to fix it now. We know the Republican Party has a tendency to try to get it right next time around. That approach has been failing for at least the last 50 years.

We know the Party Line Republican approach never works. If you want to get it right the next time you never actually fix what is actually already broken. We just keep getting further from American values and principles.

We just can’t let this go. Doing that would mean we’ve essentially allowed democracy to be usurped. It would be condoning the continuation of a form of systematic vote-rigging. What’s worse is it’s not just about this election. It’s about every election.

Note: This was originally published with the wrong by line. The correct author is Percey Blakeney and this has been corrected.