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Face the Truth About Socialism

The goal of socialism is communism

It is time for Bernie and all the people thinking of supporting him to face the truth about Socialism. Socialism works in opposition to liberty. It destroys free societies. America today faces a wide array of threats with one commonality: They all oppose American freedom.

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Socialism is the wrecker of nations and destroyer of societies” to borrow a description used by President Trump in a speech to the United Nations in 2019.

Liz Cheney said at CPAC:
“We know that socialism extinguishes freedom… that socialism steals power from the people. We know that socialism creates authoritarianism… It has to create authoritarianism, because as [former British Prime Minister] Margaret Thatcher said, socialists cannot let people choose, because if the socialists let people choose, they know the people won’t choose socialism.”

Socialism is on the rise in Congress. Socialism is rampant among the Democrats. It consumes the party’s leaders such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and the rest of the presidential wanna be’s.  Sanders’ defense of literacy programs in communist Cuba during a CNN town hall appearance is unacceptable. The self-described democratic socialist said “truth is truth.” To which it needs to be asked: How would you, ever know Senator?

Real life vs. Utopia

The Vermont senator made similar remarks in a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday. “Today I have some truth for Bernie Sanders,” Cheney said. She then told the story of Enrique Padron. He was a Cuban man who fled the island nation through “shark-infested waters.” Enrique came to the United States in 1994, when he was 20. Cheney said she asked Padron, Why did he want to live in America? How did he know the country was for him?

Padron replied “I knew because of Ronald Reagan.” Padron and his family listened to the 40th American president’s speeches on the radio. They had to have towels over their heads when they did. They couldn’t let the neighbors over hear. When Padron heard Reagan talk about freedom, he knew that the U.S. was where he wanted to be.

The future is built on the present

It is our charge as Americans to continue our inheritance of freedom. “It is up to us to defend the blessings of freedom. We will absolutely stand up. We will defeat those who advocate socialism.  And we will ensure that our children and our grandchildren will live in the freedom that we do today.” Rep. Roger Williams spoke about the differences between capitalism and socialism.

Williams said, “As a small business owner for 48 years, I represent something called Main Street America. You know who that is. The implication of socialism for our business is alarming, and it is dangerous.” What sets proponents of capitalism apart from socialists is we “promote the ideas of individual responsibility and free enterprise… Risks and rewards motivate capitalists because all we need is a hand up. That is as opposed to socialists, Leftists of all stripes, they now call themselves Democrat. They want a hand out,” “They see guarantees, we see opportunities.”

Williams said that Trump’s pro-growth agenda has been a boon to small businesses. It has cut government regulations and taxes.  “Capitalism is the greatest force in the history of our world. It lifts people out of poverty. We must instill this value in future our generations to come. That is our job,”

Reasons to stop socialism

Mercedes Schlapp is a former White House director of strategic communications in the Trump administration.  She gave reasons that socialism must be stopped in America. Schlapp, whose parents fled communist Cuba for the United States explains; socialism can quickly destroy a country. “We are not going to allow the socialism ideology to take over America… We have to stop it in its tracks.”

America is the greatest country in the world. But our freedoms are fragileSocialism has destroyed country after country,  most recently Venezuela. “You had one of the wealthiest nations in Latin America turn over their rights to these thugs. These dictators, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro came in and took over the oil industry. They nationalized it. When they did that it basically destroyed their economy. Now 1 in 3 Venezuelans is suffering from starvation…” Schlapp said.

Schlapp said her parents, Jose and Maria Bianna, built a life in Cuba. But their dreams were shattered when Fidel Castro’s communist regime seized power in 1959. For his opposition to the government, Schlapp’s father went to prison and was subject to torture. He watched friends executions, Schlapp said.


Leftist politicians in America continue to praise Castro. But there is nothing great about the communist regime he created. It is time for Bernie and all the people thinking of supporting him to face the truth about Socialism.