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There Are No Neutrals In a Revolution

There Are No Neutrals

Are we in the midst of a cultural revolution? It is beginning to feel to most people as if there is forced change happening. If it is a cultural revolution and it really gets going there are things to consider.

In a cultural revolution, there can be no contextualization of the past. History will all be bad. It will be rewritten. That’s just what happens.

There will be no allowance for human frailty. There will be no protection. Only strength will matter. That’s what a revolution is; change by force. All consideration of weighing evil versus good is out the window. Only the principles of the revolution matter. Are you good with these realities?

The revolutionary perspective

The leaders during a cultural revolution presume destroying things will not harm them or theirs. They virtue signal loud and often. The leaders come to believe their own press clippings. But at some point, they will do something human. Something not in alignment with the revolution. Then, they too will be consumed in the cleansing fire of the revolution.

These leaders of the cultural revolution will be fingered by the mob. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they will. They assume somehow their clout and influence in the movement will win an exemption. They don’t read history. You see, when cultural revolutions turn anarchic they eat their own.

When violence becomes too widespread they lose support. Quiet sympathizers conclude they too may be next. It is true, it does happen, so to survive they turn on their former icons. This has happened before. It will happen again. The question is: Have we read and understood history? Do we remember its lessons?

What’s in it for me?

Are you sympathetic to BLM? Antifa? RAM? We know they are beginning to act out. They are doing so mostly in larger cities. Mostly where there is Leftist political infrastructure. Are you wondering whether downtown arson and looting will go private? Will it reach your suburban or rural home? Want to see our universities and/or monuments defaced or renamed? What happens when the 911 calls go unanswered?

It was okay when the revolution was sanctuary cities. Now it is autonomous zones, which are more of a test of faith. They appear to be No Go Zones unless you are the right color, the right ideology. What are you going to do if a Leftist mayor, black police chief, progressive governor or white leftist diverges from the party line and becomes the target of the mob? Who is safe then? Can you really say oopsie; I take it back… my bad? There are no neutrals in a revolution.

The toll the revolution takes will be personal. Progressives sooner or later will be sated but how does it stop? Will you be able to demand evidence and insist on a presumption of innocence? What will your career see, destruction or acceleration? Will your personal property be gone? What’s in this for you? Today’s revolutionary can be denounced as tomorrow’s sell-out. Who wants to share the revolutions’ inevitable rendezvous with its own guillotine?

Do all revolutions turn out as planned?

Even if the cultural revolution doesn’t die out, think about this. What if a thug or killer hijacks the revolution? Look what is happening in CHAZ. Remember the National Socialist movement? It was an irrelevant nihilist mob of crazies. That is until Hitler turned it and the nation into a genocide cult.

Stalin resuscitated the absurdities of Lenin’s failing Bolshevism. Twenty million dead later the cultural revolution sputtered. Cultural revolutions tend to have a life of their own… and they don’t always end in utopia. Remember Chairman Mao? How many million did he cleanse?

Dissident generals may be misguided, but they remain patriots. So far, in America, we have seen no capable charismatic leader emerge. No one is claiming he is only the one who can lead the urban revolutionaries to victory. Know this; cultural revolutions eventually do die. They do so faster without dictators.

These cultural revolutions also spawn dramatic pushbacks. Revolutionaries are now sowing the wind. We are going to see if they will succeed. We may also see them reap the whirlwind. The question isn’t if; it is when? Assess your belief structure and what the revolutionaries are implementing. Which side are you on? There are no neutrals in a revolution comrade… there are no neutrals.