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If BLM Gets its Way – Then What?

Minneapolis Riot Rubble

Not the first time the question has been broached, and baby, it won’t be the last. What happens next? Black Lives Matter wants what it wants. Their advocates carry that water, but to what end?  Not equality nor equity nor anything but more misery.

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If every police-involved incident produces a protest, a marsh, a riot, and a lynching, digital, cultural, or actual, what will that do to or for the people folks for whom BLM their advocates (street or suit) claim to represent?

Fewer cops, more criminals, more crime, more violence, fewer jobs, fewer businesses, higher prices, scarcity, hunger, disease, desperation.

If no one will risk it, no one is going to do it. BLM’s program, backed by Democrats, is to make an already desperate inner-city situation worse.

A situation for which, ironically, they are wholly (and dare I say systemically) responsible.

Their solution is to promise that the decades of Democrat mismanagement that lead to the circumstances they are claiming are unjust and are now making worse, will get better, with more of the same but less policing.

Intentional or not, the program leads to fewer cops, first-responders, maybe even fewer social workers.

The infrastructure upon which the utopian welfare state is built is their problem and solution. And no one wants a job knowing that management is committed to making the working conditions more dangerous and has made it clear they do not have your back.

All while blaming history’s single greatest economic equalizer – the American experiment – for everything that’s gone wrong.

If BLM gets their way, things get worse for the people they claim to support and everyone else.