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Virtue Signal Received

Some companies just can’t help themselves, can they? In these times of civil turmoil (insanity), some of them feel the need to “do something”, being social justice warriors – and letting the whole world know about it.  They are, after all, morally gracious and superior, no? They have a microphone and they have money – …

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Wurlitzer and Xerox - Reproductive Organs

Palate Cleanser – because we still need to chuckle now and then…

…and right now, more is better than none at all. Besides, this will tick off the Planned Parenthood baby killers – you do know that most Social Justice Warriors have no sense of humor, right? So, have a laugh at their expense – they basically gave us this meme. (H/T: Bookworm)


The College Craziness Has Reached the Presidential-Wanna Be Clown Show

We’ve been making fun of the SJW /Progressive absolute stupidness on college campuses for years.  I really did think that once the nitwits with degrees got into the real working world, most of that would drop off and be remembered as “my college years – wasn’t I silly?”