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Is the Nackey Loeb School Ruing the Day It Gave Robert Azzi its First Amendment Award?

Robert Azzi is getting to be an old, angry and bitter man. He’s also a rather bigoted man as well, though this only shows up at his usual haunt at Pravda on the Merrimack rather than at the Union Leader.

For years, he’s wailed and whined about the World and how everyone that isn’t aligned with him isn’t just human but trending on evil.

Every single issue and event that could even be tangentially twisted to support Leftist causes, he’s gone all-in and has let us know it. It really has been a treat watching him dribbling from his Progressive fingertips (as opposed from his lips – quite the feat, that).

He’s as regular as clockwork in his assailing any Conservative thought and really seems to be trying to beat out Howard Zinn for the most ways that America can be portrayed as an evil to the world.

There a line from the animated movie The Incredibles when the antagonist, Syndrome, in a retort to Mr. Incredible, says, “when everyone’s super, no one will be.” He’s referring to how no one will be special if everyone else is.

Well, Azzi has made himself rather special. In his latest missive at the UL, he makes it quite clear that “White Supremacist” is a label he can throw with wild abandon at anyone he wants – with no repercussions.  What he fails to see in his flailing is that as you add to the list of who you call White Supremacists, it loses all power over them. And there may well be repercussions.

Go ahead, Azzi, call me out. All. Day. Long. Add me to that list – and I’ll shake in my boots (have to shake them out anyways – there some small pebbles there that are annoying me…like you, but larger). Trust me, I’ve been called far worse by far better people. It’s a Big Whoops from me.

However…he sticks to his shopworn schtick on dissing all that disagree:

YET ANOTHER white supremacist — Newt Gingrich — has emerged to hector New Hampshire about what it should think about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and systemic racism by misappropriating MLK’s “… dream of a nation in which people are judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character …”

Today, we know well the content of Gingrich’s character. Desperate to stay bonded to America’s original sins of slavery and genocide of indigenous peoples, Gingrich, Frank Edelblut, Dan Richards, Mike Moffett, Joseph Mendola, and others have disseminated, across multiple media platforms, white supremacist ideology to keep Americans from learning an unexpurgated American history from its 1619 origins alongside the dominant White 1776 narrative.

The first rule of debating with ideologues like Azzi is to demand that he define his terms and define the debating terrain. Like these:

  • How “original” is slavery?
  • When in history did it start?
  • Who was engaged in it?
  • Thus, is America singularly responsible for slavery?
  • And how pervasive was it in leading you to slime notable people in this way?
  • Let’s move up hundreds of thousands of years in Time – who was responsible for selling Blacks into slavery to the White traders that brought them here? And from where?
  • Genocide? Let’s hear ALL about genocide, Bobby. How bad were the indigenous people to each other before Whites arrived on these shores?  Was it the Age of the Noble Savage, pure and primary, without war, without privation, or pestilence of its own? Or was it more like Hobbes’ holdings: nasty, brutish, and short? Compare and contrast.
  • And what was the norm for nations back then – if I know my history, it was all about conquest and exploration for King and Country – doesn’t that throw a monkey wrench into your gear works? Or are you stuck in the CRT/Progressive rut that all of history MUST be judged by the Progressive
  • White Supremacy – define. Then define for EACH of those you named HOW they are White Supremacists?  Did they wear the Democrat spawned KKK White Hoods? Have they lynched anyone? Have they burned anyone’s houses or businesses? Have any of them followed your example by calling anyone names? Or that they just disagree with your warped sense of reality? And if so, is that REALLY a demonstration of “White Supremacy” – or just example of protected speech under the First Amendment and Article 30?
  • 1619 – did you know that, at the time, the colonies were BRITISH territories? Thus, the “United States” had nothing to do back at that year.  You are just a “Subverter” of history, trying to make it bend (and gaslight the rest of us) into believing your Anti-American hatred. Even liberal historians have made mincemeat Nikole Hannah-Jones’s reformulation of history to support an ideology to the point where she was denied tenure at UNC.
  • That said, are you now labeling History something that is malleable to racist tendencies?  So if so, do I get to label you a racist for holding to your opinion? Go ahead, throw your Oppressor Card because I grow weary of Progressive Privilege.

And I can whip up a ton more which, denying the entertainment that would amuse us all,  he’ll refuse like most Progressives.

Today, we know well the content of their character.

Attack my friends, my writers?  I KNOW the content of their character – and it is clear you haven’t clue one. Instead, you’re lashing out simply because people that aren’t you are starting to stand up to the attacks on them by people like you; race-baiters (for-profit, pride, or fame) like you that are wishing to turn America upside down.

They know, and they have fought, for the ideals and aspirations that for which this country stands. They are good and decent people – unlike you who seemingly has no problem in dissing such people. Again, you’ve become a bitter old man and have put blinders about your eyes and soul. And angry as all get out (and it’s not of the “self-righteous” type either).

I defy you, in ways that Normal people would understand, how these people that you have named have acted as White Supremacists?

No, not the usual “Progressives attacking Conservative philosophy” which turns out to be rather meaningless but name the actual acts associated with White Supremacy – have they harassed anyone? Verbally abused them? Denied them jobs? Denied them housing? Denied them service at a business? Physically assaulted them? Lynched anyone? Simply for the color of their skin?  


It’s easy just to throw what you said calling folks you don’t like “White Supremacists” because you don’t like what they say and hold. That’s just Bullying. Now, back up your words. Concrete examples. Otherwise, you’re just a blowhard and still an angry, bitter Bigot in my eyes. And a lot of others as well.

And being friends with some of them and have met ALL of them,  I’m challenging you to do so. Because you can’t do so.

Espousing a form of anti-American excrescence entitled “1776 Action” — Gingrich and fellow travelers falsely assert: “Critical Race Theory-based curriculum, which pits students against one another on the basis of race, is being forced on students all across America. It rejects the central message of our founders as well as Martin Luther King Jr. — that we are all individuals created equal in the image of God — and it’s taking our country backwards.”

Whoever utters such calumnies are either ignorant beyond redemption or, more likely, unreconstructed White apologists looking to conceal the truth of systemic racism and its pernicious effects on people of color and minority communities.

Ah!  We’re back to being Deplorables and Irredeemables again. Beyond Redemption – btw, are you a transgender Hillary word-alike or just playing one in your own mind?

And love that Progressive word that is meaningless: Unreconstructed. Go ahead, define THIS word in a way that would keep us from bursting out loud. I’d really look forward to that.  Again, I refer you back to this post – Progressive Word Salads that use only Progressive language and become self-referential and circular; it is of no use in definition such words. Using the same words to define each other shows a lack of intellectual rigor – thanks for showing your hand.

While it’s true, as Gingrich says, that “America is a better place today because great leaders like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. chose to embrace the premise, and the promise, of America …” it is equally true that in spite of generations of promises, America has failed many of them.

And what country hasn’t, Bobby? Or men, truth be told? Or are you the only blameless one amongst us? This is your modus operandi – slice and dice everyone “not you” and Otherize them. Just like you are doing here. This is the mark of a tolerant and inclusive man (according to the NORMAL definitions of our common language and not the Progressive Dictionary)? Even “tolerant” is used by the SJW crowd in a way far different than its original meaning – for NONE of you are the “tolerant ones” you believe yourselves to be.

But it also seems that you have conveniently forgotten the State of the United States during the run-up to our Civil War. Was not the blood of over 600,000 men a down payment on the promise made in the US Constitution after a Republican issued that Proclamation that freed the slaves. And it was Republicans that passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act under LBJ (who admittedly did so to capture votes forever for Democrats). How about the $14 Trillion that has been spent for the Great Society wealth redistribution – or do you consider that peanuts (yeah, I already know your answer)?

It’s equally true that many Americans — like MLK, Medgar Evers, Fred Hampton, and Malcolm X — were harassed, spied upon, and assassinated fighting for respect, dignity, and rights promised to them in the Declaration of Independence so highly valued by HB 544’s proponents.

It’s not just about the 1830 Indian Removal Act, the 1882 Chinese Expulsion Act, the over 4,400 lynchings, the 1921 Tulsa pogrom, the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” the 1939 refusal to allow the SS St. Louis to disembark 900 Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, the internment of Japanese-Americans — about Emmett Till, Tamir Rice, George Floyd — it’s about contextualizing American history; about persistent racial exploitation and trauma and their disproportionate effects on generational health and wealth.

Again, I acknowledge that America has stumbled, over and over again. But it keeps on trying. YOU, however, are stuck in the past, holding onto it with all your might to prove that America has always been and always will be…Evil. Bill Maher, no Conservative comedian, just coined the word ProgressivePhobia – the inability to recognize that improvements HAVE been made since the Declaration of Independence of 1776 (and NOT 1619). And it is clear that no vaccine is ever going to begin to touch the intensity that you possess of that outlook. It may well be a terminal disease of your mind and soul.

And don’t forget, it was the Democrat spawned KKK that carried out those lynchings right up through the 1960s. It was Democrat FDR, the third Progressive President that TRULY hated the Constitution, that refused to take in the Jews. It was FDR, too, that put Japanese-Americans into prison camps; but that history you didn’t inclued. So much for “context.”

Generational health and wealth?  So how long will the effect of my mom’s Swedish Viking ancestors taking my dad’s Celtic ancestors as slaves (and visa versa) finally release their holds on me? Skin color doesn’t matter when you’re a slave, right Bobby? In fact, not much matters at all – when someone has stolen your time and your life from you and does with you what they want, right? Be truthful now, as Slavery goes far beyond the melanin in your epidermis.

When Education Commissioner Edelblut says that proposed state legislation “will help instill confidence in parents that our basic values are not being compromised,” which values is he touting? The values of the last state to have a paid holiday honoring MLK or the values of a just people committed to truth and human dignity?

And there’s one of those CRT values that are divisive – glad to see you used it. You effectively just called Frank a White Supremacist and racist BASED ON HIS SKIN COLOR! Your words – I’m just pointing them out. You also just demonstrated the CRT position that you are only your skin color and that you responsible for your Collective Democrat Identity Group’s “sins” and those sins go back thoughout all time.

Your Social Justice (which is a euphemism for “mob justice”) value just denied Frank the American judicial philosophy of being innocent before The State proves guilt. You denied him another American values – that of Due Process. Why do you like doing these attempts at Cancel Culture – a norm of BLM, CRT, and SJW society”, Bobby?

Values? That ALL people matter and that ALL people are equal under the Law? That we live under the Rule of Law and not that of the Strong Man? That we are free to worship as we wish and that we can say what we want without fear of being targeted? How about following the law, paying your taxes, doing your job well, taking care of your family? That the US is a melting pot and does assimilation of disparate societies better than any other country in history?

But there are a whole bunch of formerly valued attributes, like believing in God, telling the truth, marriage is between one man and one woman, and the like that Progressives have labeled to be “hateful” simply because THEY say so. Heck, even “showing up on time” is a micro-aggression. That being “offended” is now “a thing” and I bet you can readily supply a whole lot of other things that we Normals (betcha THAT word will blow your stack) used to take for granted until self-avowed Communist Van Jones (Obama’s resident Green Czar) said As self-avowed Communist Van Jones said:

“Top down, bottom up, inside out”

…that was the means to fundamentally transform the United States. And Azzi is all in on this as his own writings have outed him.

It is not true that CRT teaches children that one race is superior to another and to assert such is dishonest, provocative and dangerous.

You are a fool – I and the other Groksters have already posted up, many times, the complete opposite of that gaslighting by those SERIOUSLY involved in CRT – and I include those that have turned that movement into a racket (you know, like “trained Marxist” BLM founder Patrisse Cullor showed us with her recent millions-of-dollars mansion acquisitions? Or Robin DiAngelo of “White Fragility” in making her millions instead of donating it and “being down for the cause”?).  Did you not see what was being taught to Hanover School District students? Dude, we got receipts and I have almost 300 more CRT posts to put up in series.

You’re dead wrong and you can’t show it. Go ahead, change my mind.

It is true, as Edelblut notes, that Ibram X. Kendi wrote that “… [t]he only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination … The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination,” but Edelblut fails to allow Kendi to define what he means.

That’s because Kendi is using that self-referential Progressive CRT tactic of defining his position such that it is unassailable. There is no “this or that” – there’s only Kendi. At no time does Kendi ever define what he’s mumbling about – but it sounds good and he’s making a lot of money on that mumble circuit (er,….racket).

Kendi continues: “… As President Lyndon B. Johnson said in 1965, ‘You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say, “You are free to compete with all the others,” and still justly believe that you have been completely fair.’” As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote in 1978, ‘In order to get beyond racism, we must first take account of race. There is no other way. And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.’ ”

Buried in the budget bill because it can’t pass on its own, it may be moot whether this illegitimate calumny passes, whether a politically-ambitious governor signs it or not.

If this closed circular referential definitions (proving Kendi is no intellectual at all and AGAIN proving my alma mater has jumped into the academic toilet, along with AOC but semi-saved by Angelo Codevilla’s work) is the best defense you have, time to move away from the keyboard. And remember, LBJ said what he did, not because he was magnanimous but a political animal who self-admitted that he only wanted the Black votes. Do you remember what he really called Blacks, Bobby? Nice sleight of hand in leaving out the History that doesn’t jive with your Narrative.

I’ll give you that Baby Huey is a politically ambitious governor – the question will be is how far will he get as his base angrier and angrier at him for throwing in with folks like you.

The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination” – sorry, having seen this in other places, Kendi is just as much a racist as anyone else – his words and meanings are quite clear and complete.  Seeing that you agree with this, it will be racism / discrimination with all of the attendant ramifications for decades to come. How stupid is it to believe that two wrongs make a right – but there you are!

Those who favor whitewashing history — favor suppressing the grievances and rights of Americans unlike themselves — favor suppressing the franchise of citizens who don’t look like them — have shown they’ll lie, go to any lengths, propose any laws, to protect their privilege and power over others. Most repugnant are those who distort, decontextualize, and misrepresent truth-tellers like MLK and Kendi when they talk about race and oppression.

Today, we know who they are.

That such a coven of mendacious White men — who arrogantly assume they’ve a right to speak for both oppressor and oppressed — is so willing to reveal such bias is not only repugnant but anti-American, contrary not only to Granite State values but contrary to universal values of social justice, freedom, equity, equal rights and human dignity.

Today, we know them well.

Robert Azzi lives in Exeter and is the 2018 recipient of the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications First Amendment Award.

Just gotta love that knee-jerk demonstration “I can read non-Progressive minds” bit: “favor suppressing the franchise of citizens who don’t look like them“. This is one of the great faults of folks like Azzi – they actually believe this with no evidence at all. “Don’t look like them” is simply a way to shut off debate. How do you know that, Bobby?  Most of us, including me here, don’t care what you look like but we DO care what you think. And to automatically impugn the people that talk about the issues and philosophy by using that phrase means you’re pretty much a hollow shell.

And in this, Azzi proves that CRT does indeed silence debate. This is exactly like Feminists that hold that no male should be allowed to talk about abortion (even as men do help to create that pregnancy and, truth be told, are responsible for half of that creative act). Azzi is holding that unless you are the “Oppressed” and a minority, sit back and shut up. Tolerance and inclusion.

Authoritarian regimes do that, Bobby – is this the Society you want to have?  You’re certainly leading the way on this.

Again, social justice = mob rule, equity = not equality of opportunity but a quota based outcome regime.  All that you are doing is being an apologist in turning the tables – for purposes of Revenge?