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Because We’ve Become a Nation of Spineless Wusses That Won’t Stand Up to Bullies


Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates:
Even those who aren’t woke seem damaged by the experience, and they’re deprived of role models.

That’s the title of a (paywalled) Wall Street Journal article – just the was enough for me to stop. After all, hasn’t it been that only the SMAHTEST get into the Ivy League schools and the elite of the business committee fall all over themselves to hire these SMAHTEST people? Even as the CRT/BLM/ SJW plague is sweeping through those campsuses?

Apparently not – one person has caught onto the game and has decided that want nothing to do with the mindset and spiritual baggage that these folks bring with them. After all “one bad apple spoils the barrel” and all. From what was NOT behind the paywall (emphasis mine) – another “The Emperor’s New Clothes” moment:

I’m not inclined to hire a graduate from one of America’s elite universities. That marks a change. A decade ago I relished the opportunity to employ talented graduates of Princeton, Yale, Harvard and the rest. Today? Not so much.

As a graduate of Haverford College, a fancy school outside Philadelphia, I took interest in the campus uproar there last fall. It concerned “antiblackness” and the “erasure of marginalized voices.” A student strike culminated in an all-college Zoom meeting for undergraduates. The college president and other administrators promised to “listen.” During the meeting, many students displayed a stunning combination of thin-skinned narcissism and naked aggression. The college administrators responded with self-abasing apologies.

This is what happens when the Adults on campus decided that handing the keys to the insane asylum to the inmates is a great career enhancer. It’s clear that the “students” have decided that without any kind of governor on them (e.g., their parents), breathing the fresh air of no one directly in charge of them, they’ve decided that they are the offspring of the boys in the Lord of the Flies. I’d just call them unmannered, disrespective, unknowledgeable barbarians. And that’s being kind. They allowed themselves to take on the mantle of I’M SUPERIOR without the knowledge in them to even begin to understand what is Superior about them. The best thing about them is that they’ve mostly likely have had very little responsibility laid upon them – and then its downhill from there.

And their behavior is exacerbated by those “college administrators responded with self-abasing apologies“.  Having lived their lives with not much to test their mettle, of course they caved (knowing that their jobs are about as cushy as they get and not willing to lose them. You know, the epitome of “willingness to live on bent knee” in abject slavery to those children.

Haverford is a progressive hothouse. If students can be traumatized by “insensitivity” on that leafy campus, then they’re unlikely to function as effective team members in an organization that has to deal with everyday realities. And in any event, I don’t want to hire someone who makes inflammatory accusations at the drop of a hat.

Nor would I. These nitwits are nothing but complainers – and I wouldn’t put up with that for a moment. It’s bad enough that I have to put up with them in Society because those college administrators can be found throughout Society – don’t rock the boat, don’t call attention to myself, who am I to judge, they might call me a bad / hateful name…

You know, Wussies. Weaklings that are unable to stand up for themselves during such an SJW attack and unwilling to defend those also under attack. They can’t stand the confrontation and only wish to ooze and slither away. Happens even to otherwise good people.

But when good people do nothing, evil stuff happen. And he nails the most important thing right on the head:

Student activists don’t represent the majority of students. But I find myself wondering about the silent acquiescence of most students. They allow themselves to be cowed by charges of racism and other sins. I sympathize. The atmosphere of intimidation in elite higher education is intense. But I don’t want to hire a person well-practiced in remaining silent when it costs something to speak up.

It’s also intense out here – few have developed the thick enough skin to look these cultural bullies in the eye and go “Up Yours!”. That’s a shame, too, because the culture that the Wusses depend on to protect them and everyone else is being changed to be that of The Strong Man”. Is this what we really want? Societies that are like that are hellholes.

Remember, words only hurt you when you allow them to hurt. Stand up and give these folks a piece of your mind.

(H/T: Wall Street Journal)