Your Wednesday Midday Meme -Storm! - Granite Grok

Your Wednesday Midday Meme -Storm!

This week I tried to stay away from the Covidishly-covidistic-covidianisms. That didn’t work out but most of them have nothing at all to do with covid, or masks, of vaccine passports or any of that. So, what are they?

We’ve got the job market, gender, Culture, Sci-Fi (sort of), SJWs, retirement, the most excellent use of otherwise wasted space, and an um – gun joke.

Here you go. As usual, you can share your own memes in the comments or just comment on these.

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Masks Flu Masks COVID


You're not freaks anymore


Perfect 10 now hiring 8s


COVID cattle tag


RIfle in the bed wall of a pickup


Rifles and guns

SIck until proven healthy