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Enterprise vs Borg FI

Summing Up Democrat Proclamations vs Democrat Actions

Most of us know about the USS Enterprise and the Starfleet that built her. Yes, a television show several times over with movies as well. But Starfleet, and the Enterprise’s mission, besides “To go where no man has gone before” has always been about the BEST of humanity; peace, understanding, helpfulness, and the like.

Angry unhinged leftist

The SJW Attack “Survival Guide”

As corporate culture proceeds down the slope to cultural Marxism, you may find yourself subject to the Inhuman Resources department’s abuses. The diversity culture demands the employ of credentialed experts on identity politics, and that means the slightest slight could put you under the microscope.

NBA logo

NBA, MLB Ratings Crash After Protest-Filled Debuts

People want to watch sports and not be preached at for the length of an entire game (or in the case of NASCAR, for 300, 400 miles). With the NFL sending signals that they are going to also be Social Justice Preachers, I’m betting that will add to the decreased revenues as well.

Virtue Signal Received

Some companies just can’t help themselves, can they? In these times of civil turmoil (insanity), some of them feel the need to “do something”, being social justice warriors – and letting the whole world know about it.  They are, after all, morally gracious and superior, no? They have a microphone and they have money – …

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