Do They Really Believe We're Going to Go Along With Their Delusion? - Granite Grok

Do They Really Believe We’re Going to Go Along With Their Delusion?

The only way to win this Cultural War into which we have been thrust is to CONTINUOUSLY force them to explain themselves. Take a word, take a phrase, and make them define it. And in many cases, it will expose the utter silliness of what they’re saying.

Policy JBAB has the Leftist wording of “assigned at birth”. Go ahead, start by deconstructing that in front of them and demand that they justify the words used.

OldNHMan got it right – twice! The first is direct:

How is gender “assigned at birth”? Is there a ‘gender assignment’ bureaucrat at each delivery room to assign a newborn’s gender. Is it a random assignment? Is there a checklist? Is it assigned by biology/genetics? Or is it some combination of all three?

The concept of “gender assigned at birth” is just one more indication of the wholesale delusion being sold by the ‘woke’ who themselves are suffering from delusions of relevance.

And the second is what happens when you do what I instructed (here and here) – can they answer?:

On one occasion I had my wayward Progressive niece throwing some of the aforementioned words my way and I had to ask her to repeat herself because all I heard was “I feel we should do this because the [meaningless noise] have been oppressing the [another meaningless noise] by [yet another meaningless noise].”

I asked her to stop using made up words that have no English equivalent because it makes her sound either deranged or aphasic, if not both.

I asked: “And what was her reaction/reply?” (emphasis mine):

She was perplexed, couldn’t fathom why I had no understanding of the terms she used. She tried to explain them and I told her that words that describe what she meant already existed and that couching concepts in new words that very few understand changes nothing. I likened it to just another form of virtue-signaling, using the “in” words or phrases to let others know they are ‘woke’ and that at some point those words and phrases would go the way of others from the past like ‘groovy’ and ‘gnarly’ and ‘greaser’ and ‘sock it to me’ and so on.

At that point she left the room and didn’t speak to me again until the next day, and then only about inconsequentials. She is learning that if she is going to debate things like politics, societal issues, or other topics of import with me that she best be armed with better understanding and factual knowledge and not just talking points from the “Progressive Daily Memo” or wherever she gets her so-called ‘knowledge’, and to not depend on ‘feelz’ or nonsensical terms that convey nothing.