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Is Porn the Embodiment of the Liberal Political Agenda?

Porn addiction, like all addictions, ruin relationships. And like drug use, these are not victimless crimes. And I don’t mean crime in the legal sense. More its impact on the foundation of the culture and the nation. One built on families whose survival demands certain morals and values.

Surprise! “Hook-up App” Tinder Discourages Bashing Virginity

If you have not already heard about Tinder, it is a dating app. It has mostly become known for its culture of casual dating and “hooking up” “Recently, Tinder sent out their weekly newsletter, one that I got word of, which included a surprising article that took me by surprise.

New! Improved! Sex-Ed Plus Censorship Plus Mandatory Morality

In the beginning… Colorado passed controversial sex-ed legislation back in 2013. What they did started national discussions about how much we want to expose children to. The Colorado legislation was a mandatory, comprehensive sex education law. It requires students undergo “culturally sensitive” lessons. “Culturally sensitive” means sex-ed lessons incorporating minority perspectives on sex. Minority perspectives …

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