Well, it IS the Party that seems to obsessing over peoples' looks versus their minds... - Granite Grok

Well, it IS the Party that seems to obsessing over peoples’ looks versus their minds…

Dems pick VP based only on sex and race

As far as I can tell, the Right wants to know what you THINK, what you BELIEVE, and what you KNOW.  How you TALK, how you DEBATE, how well you are INFORMED. It’s the Left that constantly mummers, whispers, talks, kvetches, yells, and screams about how people look.

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A total obsession of their outer looks. Sure, the Socialist Narrative that has infected the Democrat Party goes along with it with that’s more the “quiet” part compared to the “louder” part. That’s the insidious part. The Democrats Identity Group Politics Totem Pole is their version of Trump’s “Shiny Objects”. Although his is meant only to distract, the DIGPTP is mean to be divisive and to lead to hatred.

Think me wrong?

How unifying are the Black Live Matter and Antifa riots?

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