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Univ. of Georgia Released ‘Safe Sex’ Guidelines that Suggest Wearing a Mask

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Becasue I’m already bored with that Democrat VP person and her checkered past there’s this. “In a now-removed page called “COVID-19 Considerations,” the University Health Center provided suggestions to students as they participate in hookups during the fall semester.” Guess why they removed it?

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It was stupid, and the Internet made fun of them.


The first of these suggestions states: “You are your safest sex partner. Practice solo sex, or limit the number of sexual partners you have.”

Since “heavy breathing and panting can further spread the virus,” the University of Georgia is telling its students to wear masks to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Additionally, students are advised to “avoid kissing and be creative with sexual positions that reduce close face-to-face contact.”


If it sounds familiar, then you may have read this post from mid-June. The NYC Department of Health had some online tips for Sex in the City during this staged political panic. They included,

  • You are your safest sex partner.
  • The next safest partner is someone you live with (what a cousin, sister, all they say is it needs to be consensual).
  • Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact (including partially closed doors)

We’ve also got ol’ Doc Fauci who, back in April, said if your willing to take the risk, you could figure it out. How far we’ve come.

U of G defended its now-retracted guidance by claiming it’s the same thing you’ll see from a lot of public health experts and officials.

Let’s see how this sounds. Hey baby, do you mind putting this mask over your face? No, I think that might go badly.

Hey. how about if they have protest sex? Can they do it without a mask, maybe break a few things, start a fire, do some looting (steal each other love!)?  Masks are always optional for that.

Wait, even better given that the odds of any serious issues developing in healthy college-age kids maybe shut up and move along. They’ll be fine. Stop with the Panic Theater. It’s gotten staler than all the chatter about the Kamala Mala Ding Dong.

Hold one, here’s an even better idea. Why don’t all you busy-bodies and politicians (that may be redundant) play with yourselves? (Please lock yourselves down first.) That way, you won’t have time to mess with us, and we can get on with living. Seriously. We can do it without you. And it will be remarkably better.

Here are the no longer available ‘guidelines’ from the University of Georgia.

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