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NH GOP/RNC: Politics Over Your Rulebook?

I just got this from the new RNC / NH GOP representative for Belknap / Strafford Counties Director as they gear up for the 2022 elections  I said that I would put this one up (emphasis mine):

Problem or Consequence?

Here are a couple of examples of ‘problem-based thinking’: If people have access to guns, some small number of them will misuse those guns.  That’s a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is to take guns away from everyone. If people have access to drugs, some small number of them will misuse those drugs.  That’s a ‘problem’, …

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dividing the country

Secession by Other Means

Some people have been talking about “secession.” Many conservatives and libertarians are asking if it makes sense. Whether it makes “sense” or not, it will not happen. No state legislature would vote to initiate the process of secession.

Are Americans Different?

Are Americans Different … What has Changed?

Are Americans Different? What has Changed? Many Americans flatter themselves. We Americans are better than others. But are we smarter and more civilized? Maybe, but probably not. We did however build a greater country. There have been people, Americans who just had something in them, making them better. Maybe we inherited some of it. Is being …

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It’s a Revolution … What Kind Does not Matter

Lee Edwards is the fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation. Working at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics he wrote an article recently. In it, Mr. Edwards observes “…there are revolutions and there are revolutions.”