The Democrat's Primary is Down to Crazy versus Crazy - Granite Grok

The Democrat’s Primary is Down to Crazy versus Crazy

Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat Party is offering America an unusual choice, and crazy is winning. The front runner is crazy Uncle Joe Biden. He is obviously struggling to keep it together. The party is providing him with handlers. The public needs protection from the candidate.

He has called them lying dog-faced pony soldiers, and he has profanity-laced shouting matches.

He doesn’t remember what an AR-14 is… because there isn’t one. He cannot remember what office he’s running for. Biden does not know what state he’s in. Joe gets confused about the difference between his wife and his sister. Other than that, voters should have every confidence in the man… just maybe not for president.

Bernie reigns

On the other hand, the party’s second favorite presidential candidate is the socialist Bernie Sanders.  Bernie is generally coherent in the delivery of his message. In Bernie’s case, it is the message itself which is crazy. Socialism means the end of private property in America. Bernie supports that. Socialism has ended in tyranny every time it has been tried, everywhere it has been tried. Bernie supports that.

Socialism has killed the economy of every country that has made to attempt to implement it.  That means the people of the country are subjected to a lower standard of living after its implementation. Bernie supports that for America. Do you? If those things aren’t crazy enough for you Bernie’s campaign is being heavily influenced if not outright supported by Islam…. fundamentalist Islam. Are you concerned about keeping church and state separate? Islam is a theocracy believing church and state are the same thing. Be your own judge what Bernie believes.

Bernie’s campaign staff is reflective of the candidate’s lifelong beliefs. They do not believe is life. They do not believe in freedom. The staff does not support free speech, religion, assembly, and not in the press. They do not believe in property rights. They do not believe in the individual.  Collectivism is what they believe in. How can the collective have rights if the individuals who make it up do not?

Party drools

They believe all rights come from the government. They believe no one should be able to do anything unless and until the government says so. There is, in their world, no right to self defense, due process, and no presumption of innocence. They see people as chattel property. That’s crazy.

Yup, the Democrats are in campaign mode. They are showing their best and brightest. Their two best and brightest presidential candidates are crazy versus crazy. Yea team! Go fight! Fight, fight, fight.