Impeachment 2.0 - Republicans Are Lining Up to Dump Trump (So What Does That Mean?) - Granite Grok

Impeachment 2.0 – Republicans Are Lining Up to Dump Trump (So What Does That Mean?)


One of the features of a political crisis is you get to see who your enemies are. Faced with a tyrannical incoming Biden Administration, compelled and controlled speech, purity tests, weaponized bureaucrats, propaganda media, and an all about war on the American Republic, who is with us?

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Republicans in DC are suddenly tripping over themselves to claim they want Trump out, not just of the White House (a few days early) but out of the Republican Party. There are probably not enough turncoats in the US Senate yet to remove him from office, but McConnell appears to have jumped ship as have some others.

Romney, Murkowski, and (House Republican) Cheney for three.

The House will impeach Trump (again) today. Republicans will not whip their caucus in defense of their President. They are free to choose a side, and we will know which side they chose.

The Senate must then hold their own little show-trial; we’ll see if Mr. Trump makes it to 1/20/2021. I think he will, but that matters a bit less to me than this.

Locally, we have the usual suspects calling out Trump (Like Chicken-Chris). The Lapdogs would rather wait their turn to get targets (and they will) instead of skipping to the front of the line and fighting for the Republic.

I have zero confidence that this Governor or his AG’s Office will protect us from Federal overreach on speech, guns, property rights, or anything else. So, where does that leave us?

Screwed, at least initially.

There has been a lot of back-end debate amongst our authors about the potential for a third-party.

Will Trump try to create one? Who would join it? How long would it take to begin seeing success? We know from past efforts that third-party candidates tend to result in more elected Democrats.

This is true. But if elected Republicans or their party officers can’t defend elections, free speech, or the right to self-defense, or property, what good are they?

No good at all.

If they’ve gone over to the dark side, then we have no voice without another party. If they are just weak-kneed ring-kissers, we have the same problem.

74 million Americans, probably a lot more, wanted more of the Trump economy, foreign and domestic policy, all of it. They aren’t subversives or domestic terrorists; they are people who value freedom more than a free ride. These are folks who know that it is not only not free but unsustainable and a forced path to subsistence living.

If Republicans don’t defend them, someone must. Democrats know this. It is why they are pedal to the metal to brand anyone and everyone who is not them as a domestic threat or a terrorist. They will deny their right to speech and assembly, redress, and the rest.

Where are the Republicans?

This is where we find out who is more interested in their political career than the Constitution they swore to uphold – the only thing left that protects you from the ruling class that now has complete control of your Government.

Sorry, their government.

Or are local Republicans going to step up and do something?


Correction: Liz Cheney is in the House, not the Senate. The post has been updated.