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Are Americans Different … What has Changed?

Are Americans Different?

Are Americans Different? What has Changed? Many Americans flatter themselves. We Americans are better than others. But are we smarter and more civilized? Maybe, but probably not. We did however build a greater country. There have been people, Americans who just had something in them, making them better.

Maybe we inherited some of it. Is being American really a function of genealogy and location? Somehow even most leftists feel that way. They compliment themselves that somehow they are better for being here in the America they hate. What is an as American? It is more than a name acquired from where you were born.

What about people like Oskar Schindler? Was he an American? He and people like him risked and gave their lives to save Jews in Nazi Germany. Is he less pure and kind and loving than the finest American born citizen or Mayflower arriving American in Plymouth Rock?

What is different?

Are people from the Soviet Union inherently stupider than we are? They first tolerated, then supported Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Communism? Are the souls of those from the Ukraine inherently corrupt, toxic? We know what happened in Ukraine during the Holodomor when Stalin murdered millions. The New York Times colluded with his mass murder dispatching to the region Walter Duranty to whitewash it all and win a Pulitzer Prize in the bargain.

The Russians and Ukrainians have included those who persecuted Jews. 3.25 million Jews there forcing them to flee from them. And yet Ukraine now has a Jewish president,  Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky’s actually a good guy. So maybe the souls of humans in Ukraine are not inherently toxic either.

Maybe it is something else that accounts for why people living under brutal Leftist repression come to believe Leftist systems offer solutions superior to free market capitalism and America’s constitutional freedoms. People embrace Leftist ideology … until they no longer have a choice. They come to not even have a choice even to think of what to believe. Americans have done so much better.

How are were evolving?

What about us here? What about the average American? Are we so much better? Are we better because of something in our collective souls or the air we breathe? Is it the soil that gives us our Nebraska and Iowa grain and our Idaho and Maine potatoes that make us so much better? Is that what makes us believe that Hitler Nazism and Stalin Communism were viable alternatives to the “American Way”? We soon will find out.

You see, here is the thing: What made those Germans and Russians different was not their hard hearts or what they could not see. The reason those fools came to make their peace with living under Leftist regimes was repression. Repression reinforced by … a Fake and Corrupt News and Entertainment Media.

Americans at the founding were different than many Americans are today. Then Americans where Americans by location and their shared values and principles. They were adherents to Judeo Christian principles and values. They supported the principle of freedom, life and property rights. The founders were more akin to classical liberals and libertarians.

Americans today are still American by location. Many now hate the U.S. Constitution and western civilization. This is reflected in our government, media and institutions. It is time to decide what is the right set of values and principles for the America of the future.