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It’s a Revolution … What Kind Does not Matter


Lee Edwards is the fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation. Working at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics he wrote an article recently. In it, Mr. Edwards observes “…there are revolutions and there are revolutions.”

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What that seems to mean to him is the goals of those engaged in revolt differ. Wow! Profound and true but completely irrelevant in this real world.

It is not erudite differences in philosophy that matter in a revolution. Mao understood this. His articulation says, “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” So, the important part is the similarity of revolutions, not the differences. A revolution is a sudden, radical, or complete change in political organization.

The salient point is the method for accomplishing the overthrow or renunciation. It is not a change in government and substitution of another that makes something a revolution. It is the violence employed in making it happen.

The French Revolution swept away the culture and the politics of the old regime in a civil war.  The American Revolution created a new political order casting out a foreign oppressor. The Bolshevik Revolution was a civil war ushering in Communism. BUT, they were all violence-driven changes in systems of government. The important part of the revolution is the process, not the goal.

Mr. Edwards observes we are in the midst of another revolution. He says it affects every institution; political, economic, and cultural. He asks “Which revolution will be our guide? Sir, it does not matter. Revolution will rip society apart. Allowing insurrection so we can study it is ignorant in the extreme.

Killing for power

The important thing to observe is there are violent individuals among us bent on killing to achieve power. The question is: Do we stand idly by? Do we accept subjugation by Marxist racists? The Alternative is to stop them. That means using any means necessary. It’s a Revolution.

Yes, that will mean blood in the streets. We are no longer debating. That time is past. Once we acknowledge we are in a revolution, it implies acceptance we are in a violent struggle. Maybe there will be an election in the future. But, what difference can it make if one side refuses to accept the result?

The Marxist racists, democrats don’t care. They are already refusing to accept electoral results. Think that’s wrong? Why would they run a refugee from a dementia ward for president? It is a mockery.

The excuse for violence currently is “systemic racism” but everyone understands this is a proxy for Marxism. BLM itself self identifies as Marxist. It is time to protect that most vital ingredient of our republic ordered liberty. Is a reasoned approach to resolution of this conflict debate? How’s that working in Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, Kenosha, L.A., Louisville?

We are about to decide between a Bolshevik totalitarian model and what America was founded with. But all revolutions are violent. Symbols are all important in a revolution. The symbol dominating this revolution is the black flock and BLM.

Black is the symbol. It is their color. The col0r of the revolutionaries’ hearts is black. Their utter disregard for life, freedom and personal property is black. The battle is engaged to end E Pluribus Unum. We will not settle this in the halls of Congress. We will settle this in the streets of Seattle, Minneapolis, and a hundred other cities.

What is to come

King Chaos reigns throughout our cities. The enemy silences anyone questioning them.  It portends what is to come should the revolutionaries succeed. What is going on is not random violence. It is what the revolutionaries aspire to. It’s a Revolution.

The goal is not an end to racism in America. We are watching privileged white Marxists act out violently. They scream about racism they never saw, felt, or knew. That is a distraction. Nothing more. The Marxists are fighting to end academic freedom and political pluralism in America.

They are targeting churches, our president, a just war, and a human rights champion. The Marxists calculate their actions to undermine public confidence in the pillars of our society. That is what is happening here. We are under attack in this land of laws and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The citadel of democracy is under attack from within.

Reason and not chance is behind this Marxist moment. Targeted killings of the Marxist’s opponents and critics are beginning. The time for silent hope and prayer has passed. To ensure there will be no modern-day Reign of Terror all of us must take measured steps. We will protect our most precious possession, our ordered liberty. The infected wound must be cauterized.

We can do that by recognizing reality. It’s a Revolution. Racism exists in America but it is not systemic. We each need to work to treat each other as we would be treated ourselves. Most important of all, we must commit to the American Revolution as a guide. George Washington is our model. The American flag is the symbol of our united nation.