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Breaking: Locals Organize Write-In Campaign and Remove a Mask Nazi from Elected Office

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You’ve heard it here before. The Pandemic was a test, and a lot of people failed. But not everyone failed to learn from it. With no contested races on the July 13 ballot, residents in Danville, New Hampshire, organized a write-in campaign to remove a mask Nazi from office.

This is a seismic event. The incumbent had no official opposition. The election was moved from its usual date in March to July. The only contested race on the ticket was for a library trustee. What could have possibly motivated voters to come out and unseat an incumbent?



Pandemic Politics

Kate Bossi, a grandmother and Sunday School Teacher, was forcefully arrested in front of students for not wearing a mask. Danville, NH Selectman Kim Farah, who is also the chairman of the regional school board, could have intervened but did nothing.

Our story about her arrest went national.

That was a spark, but what about the fire?

The Government Integrity Project rose out of the indifference of elected officials to protect and defend our natural rights. They saw an opportunity in Danville and helped organize activists to support a write-in challenge to Farah. Residents responded to the call.

The town experienced a record turnout for a local town election, and candidate Scott Borucki not only won a seemingly impossible write-in campaign his victory flipped the majority on the town select board.

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We’ve all got our share of state and local politicians who failed the test. How we respond is itself a test. Many of us may not even know where to begin.

The Government Integrity Project helped grassroots activists in Danville make meaningful change. They have outlined a new roadmap for getting good people elected to office.

The writing is on the wall.

Danville was a shot heard ’round New Hampshire, perhaps the nation.  You can hold these losers accountable and restore foundational American principles from the ground up one election at a time.

So, who’s next?