Will the Democrat Presidential Primary Please Pick Up the Nearest Bias Response Team Courtesy Phone. - Granite Grok

Will the Democrat Presidential Primary Please Pick Up the Nearest Bias Response Team Courtesy Phone.

White Phone

Old white men are evil. Ask any college professors of gender identity studies. Or almost any college professor. They are descendants of evil, colonialist oppressors. 

They even have courses on it. You can major in hating old white men with a minor in hating young white men.

But have you noticed? The top two contenders for the Democrat Party nomination for President have and continue to be Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Two very-white, very-old, men.

A curious observer of the Left’s identity politics gymnastics would ask: where’s the Bias response team? Why aren’t the majority of the Democrat Party voting base behind any candidates of color? Someone needs to haul them into the equity and diversity star chamber. Treat them like a College Republican.

No due process. Guilty until incapable of being proven innocent.

There are also women to choose from with at least one woman with some color. But the most popular woman among Democrats is whiter than Bernie and Biden.

Robert Byrd would be proud.

Owning the Left

Sanders and Biden combined share an average of 50% or more of the support in almost every poll. Add Lizard Warren (who, if she insisted she was a man instead of a Cherokee Indian, would poll better), and they suck up 60-70% of the support.

They are all old. Biden and Bernie are both older than John McCain when the Democrats claimed he was way too old to be President back in 2008. McCain was 72 years back then. Right now, Biden is 76 and Sanders is 77. At the end of their first term (God, help us), both of these very old white men would be whiter and older. 80 and above. That’s old. And white.

Does that explain why there are so many younger candidates with no chance running to be Vice President? I’ll kiss up and then when the old man dies…cha-ching!

But would Biden or Sanders pick one of them or someone like White Liz Warren who will be 70 in June?

Massachusetts is Blue, Warren needs to win the prize or pack it up. She’s been leaping as far left as she can in search of attention from voters who only have eyes for old white men.

The candidates of color are from state’s colored dark Blue. Nothing is gained by adding them to a Democrat ticket. THose state’s voted for Hillary – the worst rich white candidate since John Kerry (Biden and Sanders are both wealthy thanks to the government if you forgot.) Which means the VP will either be someone no one has heard talk of yet but probably another white Democrat.

A rich white democrat? A rich old white Democrat?

These are there talking points, not mine. And I’m not voting for any Democrat because no matter what’s on the outside on the inside they are all Socialists.

So, someone needs to call the Bias response team. And if anyone picks up, ask them why the majority of Democrats favors an old white guy?