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Ian Underwood

Where you look is where you end up

Conservatives often refuse to believe in evolution, because they don’t see how something as complex as nature could operate without someone in charge of it.  At the same time, they are comfortable with the idea that something as complex as an economy could operate without guidance. Progressives often take the opposite positions:  that something as …

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In the movie Idiocracy, people in the future experience massive crop failures.  Why?  Because the government has convinced farmers that ‘electrolytes are what plants crave’, so farmers start watering their fields with the sports drink Brawndo (which is basically Gatorade). I couldn’t help thinking of this the other day when someone forwarded me the latest …

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Purple Flag Laws

Speaking on the subject of Red Flag laws, Senator Rand Paul was recently quoted as saying: I’m not opposed to sort of an emergency order for 48 hours and then you get a hearing in a court where you get the full due-process protections. In other words, on the basis of a mere accusation, you take …

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The public school double standard

With Learn Everywhere back in the news, discussions about the program tend to involve errors of fact (e.g., that costs for the program would be incurred by local districts) and errors of reasoning (e.g., that offering more alternatives to some students somehow means harming other students).  But to me, the discussions are most notable for …

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There are a lot of tragic aspects to our current health care system.  No one seems to be happy with it, and no one agrees on how to fix it.  But I think there’s at least one area where we could make progress, in a way that could avoid a lot of political fighting — …

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Fiduciary Policing

A fiduciary is someone who has a legal obligation to place the interests of another party above his own interests. We normally see this term used when talking about things like investment advice, retirement planning, and so on.  For example, if selling you a security or policy or other product would be good for a …

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Undoing Due Process

The protections in the original Bill of Rights applied only to the federal government.  So, the federal government couldn’t set up an official religion, or punish you for saying something, or disarm you, or search your home without a warrant, and so on.  But the states could do those things.

Kindergarten Experts? Seriously?

Remember when a student who needed to repeat a grade in school would be ‘held back’, rather than promoted with the rest of his cohort?  Apparently there’s a new term for that:  ‘Expert’.