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Ian Underwood

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right to Health Care

The major objection that Democrats seem to have about the prospect that Amy Coney Barrett will fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court is that she might be open to overturning the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) on constitutional grounds.

A Better Pledge

I have a friend, an immigrant from Israel, who recently moved to a new state, and put his kids in a new school, where they are being required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day.

American ‘Exceptionism’

Suppose you checked your newsfeed one morning to see that a group of Syrian militia members had kidnapped democratically-elected Bashar al-Assad (who received 89% of the vote in his country), or that North Korean rebels has kidnapped democratically-elected Kim Jong-un (who received 100% of the vote in his country).

Why Doesn’t the Government Pay for Your Guns?

A while back, a meme was going around that clarified an important distinction between rights and entitlements, and nicely illustrated what kind of nonsense you get when you mix those up.  It went something like this: What’s interesting is that if you change health care to education, it loses none of its validity:  

It Depends on What the Meaning of ‘And’ is

I’m mystified by Nancy Pelosi’s plan to use the 25th Amendment to wrest power away from Donald Trump — if not before the election, then after.  The amendment lays out three cases in which power might be transferred from a President to a Vice President.

Is ‘Necessary’ the Same as ‘Helpful’?

I was just listening to the Commissioner of Education tell a charming story about how a student with special needs was able to find a creative way to allow him to participate in a welding class at his local school.  Like many of the stories he tells, it was heart-warming.

A Couple of Questions for His Excellency

His Excellency is apparently going around the state, attending meet-and-greets for Republicans running for office.  There’s one in my area today, but I can’t attend because of prior commitments.  However, I hope that at one or more of these events, someone will pose the following questions to him:


Biden’s Prep Session Leaked?

Rumor has it that someone from the Biden campaign made recordings of the candidate’s prep sessions, and leaked one of the recordings from late Tuesday afternoon.  It reveals that in a last-ditch effort to minimize the risk that the candidate would misstate a fact, misremember an event, misidentify a person or location, or suffer some …

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It’s Not That Trump’s Taxes Should Be Higher, but That Other People’s Should Be Lower

We’re hearing a lot about how during some recent years, Donald Trump paid only about $750 in federal income taxes.  His tax returns weren’t obtained from an official source, so they may or may not be genuine.  But even if they are, and even if he paid only that much, the problem isn’t that he …

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