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Ian Underwood

Ian Underwood has been a planetary scientist and artificial intelligence researcher for NASA, the director of the renowned Ask Dr. Math service, co-founder of Bardo Farm and Shaolin Rifleworks, and a popular speaker at liberty-related events. He lives in Croydon, New Hampshire.

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Agreeing on Divisive Concepts

As things heat up at school board meetings — with the new prospect that people expressing displeasure with their local boards may be treated as ‘terrorists’ — it’s worth revisiting the idea of removing ‘divisive concepts’ from schools since they are what so much of the fuss is about.

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The Debt Sky

Thanks to Republicans in the Senate, the federal debt ceiling is about to rise by $480 billion.  That ceiling always gets reached eventually, which means that $480 billion is going to be borrowed, to be paid back later with interest.


As the term ‘insurrection’ is normally used — think about the Whiskey Rebellion, or for that matter, the Battles of Lexington and Concord — it’s laughable to call the events of January 6 an insurrection.

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No one needs…

During his recent address to Congress, Joe Biden said that ‘there’s no possible justification for having 100 rounds’ when you have a firearm with you. How does he know this?  From talking to ‘responsible gun owners’ and ‘hunters’?

Virtue (Mixed) Signaling

This year, the Academy Awards will not require attendees to wear masks… except when the cameras are not rolling, e.g., during commercial breaks.

Last Chance — Support ‘Grok by Supporting RKBA

Having failed at his attempt to undermine voting rights, and throw money at ‘infrastructure’, President* Biden is now taking aim at guns, so to speak. Lacking support in Congress, he’s likely to be limited to issuing executive orders making it illegal for ‘rogue gun dealers’ to do things that are already against the law. But …

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Covo Codes

It would be nice to have some kind of published list of businesses that aren’t COVID-crazy — businesses that now welcome customers who aren’t wearing masks, and later will welcome those who don’t carry ‘vaccine passports.’

The best way to defend gun rights may be to attack religious freedom

President* Biden claimed today that ‘no amendment to the Constitution is absolute’. The idea that no rights are absolute is demonstrably wrong, as is the dumb example that he relied on to illustrate it.  But we can ignore that for the moment. I say we take him at his word — not because he’s right, …

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President* Biden appears bent on pumping untold amounts of money into the economy, and predictably people are raising concerns that this will cause significant inflation, and even hyper-inflation. But those worriers are thinking about money in the old, ‘economic’ sense, because they haven’t read the fine print.  (With the size of modern bills, who has …

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