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Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat’s Primary is Down to Crazy versus Crazy

The Democrat Party is offering America an unusual choice, and crazy is winning. The front runner is crazy Uncle Joe Biden. He is obviously struggling to keep it together. The party is providing him with handlers. The public needs protection from the candidate.

Political Party Registration

Data Point – Nationally, There are Now more Registered Republicans than Democrats

As many of you, our loyal readers, know, I have been an Independent for a number of years now. Ever since NH GOP elected politicians decided that expanding the cost of Government, the intrusiveness of Government, the size of Government, and going along with Obama’s Obamacare in the form of Medicaid Expansion, was a bridge …

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Islamic Basics.

Islamization of the Political Process

There is an Islamization of the American political process in progress. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has lent her support to the 26 Muslim candidates who won legislative seats.

We must defend our values and principles

We Must Defend Our Values and Principles

Like you, I am tired of arrogant socialists. These people, who have never even run a lemonade stand need to shut up, sit down and get out of the way. They should not be telling us how we should live in New Hampshire.

There is Pressure for Change

There is Pressure for Change

There is pressure for change. Does that mean the nation wants or needs different values and principles? Right now we have more access to more good information than at any point in history by a lot. This should be, can be information nirvana.

ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement

Local Jurisdictions Should Not Shield Criminals from ICE

Only American citizens can protect America. It is our responsibility to demand politicians and our senior law enforcement do their job. Their job is that which they have sworn an oath to do. Namely, that is protecting America and most importantly protecting our children.

Historical Insight

How it was written? When Jay, Madison, and Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers they were fresh from writing the US Constitution. Madison and Hamilton are credited with writing more of it than any other two participants in the process. Certainly several dozen people participated in the argumentation, composition and passage of the document. The writers …

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