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What Type of Person Is an American?

What Type of Person Is an American?

What type of person is an American? Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln each used the term “the self made man” in describing Americans. Both are great Americans and they come from different beginnings.

We are people who work within the framework for prosperity and success put in place at the founding. Americans are responsible for the greatest of all inventions. That invention makes Americans recognizable anywhere in the world. Americans are responsible for the idea of self-invention.

The founders put in place a mechanism for innovation and growth. They knew the recipe for the invention of invention was freedom, security, valuing life, and personal property. With a mix of these ingredients, America harnessed opportunity. She allows men to pursue their ambition as they see fit. America promotes unfettered thought, speech, and religion. And mankind has flourished.

This is the genius of the American Revolution. Americans, by definition, are conservative. The reason is pretty simple. For the nation, the most prosperity-producing system in the history of the world to continue, the founding principles and values must remain the same. Hence, Americans are conservative by necessity.

Paradoxically the very conservatism that is necessary to preserve the system creating America is juxtaposed with the creativity that growth brings. We, the heirs to the American Revolution, follow in the footsteps of rebellion, change, and making our own destiny. Is it any wonder we periodically reassess our direction, values, and principles?

Do we go or do we stay?

Today we must decide whether we are going to follow the Progressive, Socialist, Communist model or if we are better served staying the course. Most of us take for granted the basic amenities of modern life. We did not grow up in a place that lacked them.

It is worth remembering there is a song verse that says, “Don’t it always seem to go, that we don’t know what we’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” We know what the founders’ model has brought; prosperity, elevation of our standard of living, longer life, and international power. We also know what the Leftist model has brought everywhere it has been tried; tyranny, poverty, slavery, and genocide.

The choice does not seem all that difficult. All we have to do is read and understand a little history. Is that still possible these days? We are growing increasingly intolerant, ignorant, and violent with each passing day. What type of person is an American? That is the question.

Either we end the bullshit or we lose our freedom, our prosperity, and our country. Which side are you on? There no neutrals here. Understand it. It is the question before us this November.