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A Funding “Solution” For Democrats Concerned about Budget Cuts

Urine TroubleRemember all that stuff we didn’t have to have in the New Hampshire budget before 2006 when the democrats started piling it up into what has become our Billion dollar budget deficit?  I don’t either.  I’m not even sure what they spent it on which is why I am convinced I can do without it.   All this caterwauling is clearly just cover for keeping the bloated bureaucracy alive so they can milk it for union campaign contributions.

But in the spirit of bi-partisanship, I have a suggestion to their so-called problem; call it a solution–literally.

The liberals, the progressives, the Sullivan-Kitchen-table -socialist-medicine,free speech-stomping, balloon fine-view tax–we spent the state into a billion dollar deficit democrats (and co-dependent clergy and union hangers on), should take those programs we didn’t need but that you can’t seem to stop spending money on, stick them all in a giant jar of urine, and send it all off with a grant request to the National endowment for the arts (NEA). 

No, I don’t think it matters whose urine it is, but maybe the SEA can modify the "dues" process to include alternative forms of "support."  Whip up a catchy slogan like "Give a piss for pensions." How about "’Urine’ this together." Or even "A trickle here, a trickle there."  Just have fun with it.  And don’t forget…It’s just a drop in the bucket, and off to Washington wee go.

It’s actually a pretty realistic proposal.  The left is already obsessed with genitals and government. And given the way you democrats project revenues whatever you put in there will be a master-work of fantasy fiction.  Call it Art and bang! you get a check.  Then apply that to whatever "program" you feel you can’t do without. 

Here’s another helpful suggestion.  Get a second job or start a small business and then give all the money to the government to pay for what you want.  Nothing says I’m not a hypocrite like starting your own evil empire (a small business) and then donating every penny to the biggest charity of all–the US government. Or you could form a lobbying group that advocates taking more of peoples hard earned income in the form higher taxes and more of them, and then go down to Washington DC and see how much of the State of New Hampshire you have to prostitute out to the federal government to get some of that back.

Oh wait.  You have one of those already.  It’s called the New Hampshire Democrat party.

Higher taxes and more of them, to pander to special interests who want to leech off taxpayers and small business. That’s a message that can win in 2012.   O maybe you’d better just drop the TV ad time and start buying quarter barrels of Budweiser instead.  Your going to need a lot of urine.
Which leads me to one more point. Just how much more pissed off will you be if we manage to cut taxpayer funding to the NEA?


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