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Rope a Dope

Rope a Dope … Submission is not Unity

Biden’s call for unity harkens back to Muhamad Ali’s Rope a Dope strategy against Joe Frazier. Americans are right at this point to have some serious trust issues. Calls for unity in our polarized time are out of place and at best ill-timed.

Di Lothrop

Donald Trump Was Always My First Choice

THERE THEY GO AGAIN! Some Union Leader columnists with their Trump-hating rhetoric are still trying to sabotage ethical journalism with their twisted disinformation about President Donald Trump and Republicans in general.

Keith Olberman

Bitter Clingers, Deplorables…..and now Maggots?

Yep, for sure – Keith Olbermann, who should really stick to reporting and commenting on sports, has decided to go all Jim Carey (who really should just stick to just acting), and showed us all how unhinged one’s TDS can make them.

Judd Gregg and Obama

Judd Gregg Pops Off

Judd Gregg (d) Florida, is a contributing writer for The Hill: The Kamala threat — the Californiaization of America. For those of you who do not remember Judd, well, he is the primary cause of same-day voter fraud in our state.

Khomeini and Jimmy Carter

America’s Insanity and Mistake Trap

When people hear the word “insanity,” they conjure up the image of someone out of touch with reality and out of control; a dysfunctional person fit to be tied. Yet, insanity comes in numerous types as well as degrees. It is also widely prevalent in groups, even in the nations as a whole.

King Obama

‘Tis the season for Political Endorsements. Guess who got locked out of Obama’s?

Would that have been Jeanne Shaheen, who helped his namesake bill that nationalized healthcare? How about Maggie “the Red” Hassan who, if my email  InBox is to be believed, turned into a veritable treasure trove of Democrat agenda items and politicians – just not all that much about NH (talk about a “heartbeat to go …

‘Tis the season for Political Endorsements. Guess who got locked out of Obama’s? Read More »