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No Holiday is sacred for the Left

It’s the holidays with Thanksgiving up first.  Now, I don’t know about you but for me and my family, it is a time of reflection on all that God has bestowed upon – and being thankful for all those blessings (even when they didn’t “feel” like blessings at the time), for our friends, and for …

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David Daleiden

A Jury Finds Planned Parenthood is the Victim

The “Baby Body Parts” trial of activist and journalist David Daleiden is complete. The jury found undercover journalism unlawful. They are declaring that secret filming is now illegal. The result is that undercover journalism leaves actual journalists open to massive damages regardless of the accuracy and truthfulness of the reporting.

There is Pressure for Change

There is Pressure for Change

There is pressure for change. Does that mean the nation wants or needs different values and principles? Right now we have more access to more good information than at any point in history by a lot. This should be, can be information nirvana.

media spoon feeding

Twenty Years of Communications Change

The majority of the recent change is the result of advances in communications inter-connectivity. The ability of people to get a lot of information for free is very recent. Was this one of the biggest tactical blunders in history? Was this decision to give away access to knowledge for free a mistake?