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Guinea Pigs

Scott Morefield has a great piece over at Townhall.com about the political theater. We’ve called it COVID Theater (and a few other things), but he refers to it as viral theater. It’s the same scam, centered on mandated mask-use as behavior modification or compliance testing.

Starlings birds Flocks

Ideological Superorganisms

Like so many people I’ve been baffled at watching small Leftist groups or even individuals acting to advance their global cause seemingly with great coordination in the big picture, but without any visible sign of said coordination or order-giving from a “shadowy central entity.”

Pepe Le Pew Biden Hair sniffing

On Looney Tunes, Leftists, and Rape Culture Hypocrisy

Pepe Le Pew was singled out this past week for Promoting Rape Culture ‘cuz reasons. The theory goes something like this. A cartoon skunk with a French accent trying to woo a cat with a white paint stripe on its back teaches kids to sexually assault women. So, that’s why Joe Biden is like that?