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Power Creep

Power Creep and Pandemic Politics

Power-creep through states of emergency declarations is a problem. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered many largely unprecedented government actions. These are actions by which officials at all levels grasp for temporary powers. The result is some potentially explosive pandemic politics.

USA Stressed Flag Cracks

What Will America Look Like After the flu d’état?

As we scrabble about in search of a path back to normal the critical question to my mind is what will normal be? Look around you. With very little information and a few projections that were outrageously wrong, a majority of Americans knelt before the State and complied with its demands.

We Need All the Help We Can Get

So, What’s “The Plan” for Next Flu Season?

Globally as many as 500,000 people, mostly the sick and elderly, die every year from influenza. Every year. And I only bring it up because, as we report on the #ReopenNH Rally, and similar events around the nation, people are suggesting we want to make people sick, and die.

Fame does not equal intelligence

In these troubled times, it is useful to examine, once again, the nature of actors (male or otherwise) who undertake to comment and expound on government, politics, elected officials, and our civic life generally. Those actors who seem to get the most attention and platforms (soapboxes) from the media these days are usually those who …

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