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Government Welfare and Tax Rules Kill Families

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) released a research report Thursday. It argues the design of welfare programs likely keeps some American couples from marriage. Those couples might otherwise get married. If they did marry it would benefit society. Marriage provides empirically validated benefits.

The Principles of Taxation

The Principles of Taxation

What are the principles of taxation we should follow? It’s our system we should have a voice, right? Come let us reason together. An appropriate tax system is one raising revenue only the core functions of government require. The fundamental principles of our neutral and effective tax system are: Simplicity: The tax code should be …

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Ease Taxes Not Easy Tax Implementation

Governments should work to ease taxes, not toward easy tax implementation. Why? Because Americans do not just vote with their hands at the ballot box. We also vote with our feet and moving vans.

Government Spending Reform

The issue Higher taxes are not the solution to our out-of-control spending. Taxes are over $3 trillion this year. Our deficit will be over $1 trillion. Raising all taxes by one third only allows us to balance the budget. How ugly is that? It would not allow us to put a dent in our debt. …

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House Votes 419-6 to Repeal Obama Care Cadillac Tax

Once the Unions read it and found out what was in it, they pushed back. Yes, socialized medicine is something the left desires. And Obama Care was the groundwork for that. But like all tyrannies, you have to dance with them that brought you, at least at first.