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Portland Marxists Riots

Third World Solutions in a First-World Society

America today is a perfect illustration of the application of third world solutions in a first-world society. Marxists in the US are trying to leverage the immediate righting of everything they see as wrong. They badger the people who own and operate the offending organization.

Islam will Dominate the World

Islam Demands World Domination

It is hard to believe that the 7th-century ideology called Islam has been resurrected and, with its vast and unlimited petro-dollars, infiltrated every country in the world, intending to dominate the world.


“If You’re Against Racism, Then You Should Be a Capitalist”

“Capitalism can’t stop people from being racist but it makes them pay a price for it.” And if you don’t believe that quote, listen to the entire video for the context behind it. Are you listening, Black Lives Matter allies and adherents? This is VERY MUCH worth your time!

Betsy DeVos

If this happens, the teachers’ unions will only have themselves to blame

It’s a case when part of Government thinks it is flying the plane and in charge. Why not? They’ve been in charge for years (along with compliant School Boards that keep being told “trust the professionals” even as the teachers are taught to “not trust the parents”.  Now those same teachers are up in arms …

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The Cardinal Choice

There are two ways of looking at the relationship between the rights of individuals, and the powers of government.  The first, which based on the ideas of the Declaration of Independence, is that people have the right to do pretty much anything, except when they delegate specific powers to government for the purpose of protecting …

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Abuse of Power

Our NH Constitution is the foundation of our republic, without it, we would have no state government. Part I of this fundamental document speaks not about the government, but of the rights reserved to the people which are not necessary to the operation of a government.