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A Treehugger state of mind – from showerheads to BitCoin

They wanted to control showerheads and now your wealth. Again (as if you needed reminding), the THers are, like any kind of Socialists, are Government-centric. ONLY Government can do “good” things and nothing should be outside the ken of said Government. And they show their disdain quite easily: SHOT:  12/2018 – Good news: Bitcoin is becoming …

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We Lost Power Already?

It’s not even 2 pm ET and at least 3000 people in and around my part of Merrimack are without power. Everource doesn’t mean what I think they think it means.

Selina Soule

“The End of Women’s Sports”

It is now clear that Progressives (who formerly called themselves Liberals but have always been Socialists at heart since the 1880s) hate women. Certainly, most of the Feminists that fought for equal rights since the 60s must and should be abhorred by men invading their space.

Biden admits his court packing position

Politics is for Congress not SCOTUS

Judge Barrett is beginning to look too clean for the usual attacks. The Socialists masquerading as Democrats’ have tried slinging mud to negligible effect. All they are doing is making themselves appear mean, hate-filled, and petty.


It’s a Revolution … What Kind Does not Matter

Lee Edwards is the fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation. Working at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics he wrote an article recently. In it, Mr. Edwards observes “…there are revolutions and there are revolutions.”