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Never let a good emergency go to waste

Congress Never Met a Dollar they Did not Want to Waste

The U.S. House is unveiling its new “minibus” spending package.  It is a bill “to keep the federal government funded in the short-term”. This is the second such bill this year for that purpose. Doesn’t it kind of make you want to actually have a budget?


Contagion Theater and Concord’s Cast of Typhoid Mary’s

After ruining Concord’s downtown with expert help, the city is ignoring, from my humble observation, a potential health crisis. Go to WallyWorld or Market Basket and you will see employees wiping down handles on freezers and other objects touched by shoppers.

US Debt

Uh-Oh: If True, This Will Make our Current Economy Look Rather Rosy

And so it finally begins? Emphasis mine, reformatted: ‘U.S. Gets a Debt Warning From Fitch as Stimulus Battle Rages.’ (Bloomberg) One of the world’s major credit-rating companies fired a warning shot regarding the U.S.’s worsening public finances on Friday…

What if Biden Wins the Presidency

What if Biden Wins the Presidency?

What happens if Biden wins the presidency? Let’s think about the situation. For the first 3 years of Trump’s presidency, the stock market was rising and the economy was growing.  This masks many of the factors driving a sense of hopelessness in the country. Many Americans and the nation itself have unpayable debt.

The Sublime Versus the Ridiculous

The Sublime Versus the Ridiculous In DC

There is a policy battle in D.C. between the sublime versus the ridiculous. House Speaker Pelosi has come forward with a $3 TRILLION HEROES Act stimulus plan. Under her plan, most people would make more money by quitting work and staying home than by working.