603 Summit: Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell is an economist and is widely read and commented on across the Conservative blogosphere; I have quoted his work a lot over the years.  Well studied, clear writings, and often, good infographics. If you ever get the chance, search out his articles (there are MANY!) and settle in for a great read. He …

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The State’s Gain Is The Citizen’s Loss

13% more Spending… 16.8% more taxation… Here’s a brief overview of the House Democrat budget. In General Fund and Education Trust Funds combined, the House Democrat passed budget increases spending by more than $637 million per year. That is as compared to our current biennial budget (FY2018-2019). It increases total spending over $1.5 billion in …

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Taxation NH Dems shake taxpayers

So kids, what did we learn from today’s House Session (4/11)?

Well, today was Budget Day in the House, and we learned how the House Democrat Majority and their Finance Committee took a perfectly reasonable and fiscally responsible budget presented by the Governor and turned it into an absolutely irresponsible tax and spend trainwreck. We started off playing really nicely together and voting for HB-25-A which …

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The Claremont Way

In the mid-1990’s, the town of Claremont pleaded poverty, insisting that the rest of the state should pony up more money to fund its local schools. The result was the imposition of a wealth-redistribution scheme on the rest of our state. A decade later, Claremont wasn’t looking so poverty-stricken after all.

NH Budget Plan

You can’t have too much taxation In the first 10 weeks of the 2019 legislative session, the New Hampshire House of Representatives passed nearly $310 million in annual tax and fee increases. That is exclusive of the changes in subsidy levels for green energy which will significantly impact your electric bill. So how much of …

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