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The Federal Government Spent $4.5MM to Torture Ferrets

Senator Rand Paul has released his annual Festivus report on wasteful government spending. Along with torturing ferrets to test Covid vaccines, the government also spent money to find out that eating junk food makes kids fat, to do bad art in New York City, and to pay schools for students who didn’t attend those schools.

Sherm Packard yelling at protesters that are on his side WMUR screenshot

Even Republicans Think We’re Imbeciles and Incapable of Self-Care: The COVID

I recently got the following from a NH Republican House Legislator (who asked for anonymity) lamenting our “political elite” on both sides of the aisle. You know, like NH State Rep Kris Roberts (D): “Government has to protect us from our own stupidity.” However, this is about the Republicans.

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Nashua Isn’t Nashua Anymore

I moved into Nashua in 1982 the week after I was honorably discharged from the US Navy. It was still a relatively small “city” just north of the Massachusetts border. Main Street had a movie theater, there were practice soccer fields on Amherst Street, and the only mall was just off Exit 6.

Money down the toilet

Democrats’ Spending

The Democrats are pushing to spend more money than most Americans can truly conceive.  The Senate, with the help of some Republicans, signed off on what is called the “Infrastructure Bill” for about 1.2 trillion dollars.

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Money, Disasters and More Money

Here is something to consider. Rep. Brian Mast (R) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee made a very strong case saying Biden should be removed, and charged with Treason. He offered three primary crimes: