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Repost: You Can’t Be A “Republican” And Vote Against Right To Work

Supporting forced unionization is the same as supporting mandatory campaign contributions to the Unions and the Democrat party. There is no conceivable way to separate the two. Unions are funded by dues. Democrats receive millions of dollars from unions to promote their agenda. And in some cases to promote it violently.

Republican Defectors

Unfortunately for New Hampshire we’ll have to wait until next year to fix the problem of worker choice but in the mean time, we can enjoy the benefit of the roll call vote, posted on the Jump.

Be Pro-Choice: Vote For The Right To Abort The Union.

If unions were abortions everyone would have the right to chose not to be party to it. Some liberal justice would have long ago ensconced that “right” into the US Constitution. And we would not be having this debate in New Hampshire. Workers could decide if they wanted to abort the union. But Democrats are hypocrites and choice shall not be permitted in the workplace. You will not, cannot be permitted to choose for yourself.

Do Nothing Democrats

It has been three years since the Democrat party produced a federal budget. The Democrat Senate has blocked repeated efforts by the Republican controlled House to ‘do something’ about that. President Obama, Senate leader Harry Reid, and the Democrat leaderships contribution (including their media homunculus) has been to demand compromise without giving any.

Bachmann’s Contrdiction

Speaker Gingrich is taking heat for statements about immigration reform, mostly from people campaigning against him. (But then, that’s what makes a big primary so much fun.) Congressman Michele Bachmann, on PBS NewsHour of all places, took it to the hole with this remark…

DCCC Annual “Ruin Thanksgiving” Cheat Sheet

Every Thanksgiving we can now expect the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to do to your holiday what it has done to everything else it touches–ruin it. This year is no different. They have once again equipped your obnoxious left-leaning relatives with their very own palm-card.

The Mayflower Compact

Today, in 1620, (November 11th on the Julian Calendar, November 21st on the Gregorian Calendar) 41 male passengers from the Mayflower agreed to form a civil body for the purpose of self governance. Year later it would be referred to as the Mayflower Compact.

Ayotte’s First Big Mistake?

Her endorsement of Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney stands to undo every scrap of goodwill she may have accumulated to this point but should we be surprised?

Hooksett Police Commission Flashback

The problems with the Hooksett New Hampshire Police Department have served as media fodder for years. A combative chief, a pointless middle management police commission unwilling to act, all culminating in a report that substantiates something I pointed out over two and one-half years ago.