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Israel Is Unique in the History of Socialism

Israel is unique in the history of socialism. It is the only nation where socialism was considered successful for a while. The original settlers of Israel came largely from Eastern Europe. They sought to create an economy in which market forces were controlled for the benefit of the whole society.

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Biden Transition … A Slide Toward Regulatory Hell

Should Joe Biden actually take control the U.S. economy is going to change direction. A Biden Administration will attempt to unleash the executive branch agencies. The agencies themselves expect Biden will be hands-off. The result will be a regulatory free for all.

Trust Government? Ask an American Indian

Would You Let Any Politician Run Your Business?

Would you let any politician run your business? If the answer is no, WHY would you EVER let them run, in part, an entity that controls not just your business but you and your family?  Are you NUTS?

Constitutional convention: yea or nay?

Notable Quote – Society vs Government

Just as the Founders considered and created a Constitution that would guarantee the Separation of Powers, the philosophy behind it was to set up bulwarks to deny people the ability to aggregate power unto themselves and their special interests.

Intervention From the Heavens

Intervention From the Heavens

Just when the Washington creatures were ready to spend another $3 trillion the lights came on. We don’t need the extension of weekly central government supplements to unemployment benefits. We need to go back to work. The economic data came forth showing Americans are getting back to work in record numbers.


It’s a Revolution … What Kind Does not Matter

Lee Edwards is the fellow in conservative thought at The Heritage Foundation. Working at the B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics he wrote an article recently. In it, Mr. Edwards observes “…there are revolutions and there are revolutions.”