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Nice to Finally See Democrats Condemning Violence

After years of silence as Democrat activists rioted in American cities killing dozens and physically, emotionally, and financially injuring thousands of innocent people; destroying billions of dollars of public and private property, and attacking the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court Building; it’s nice to finally see Democrats condemn, rather than support, violence.

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The Left Wants to Think of Us and Trump as Some Sort of Beaten Puppy

The Left wants to think of us and Trump as some sort of beaten puppy exiting. But they take away the wrong lesson. The outliers are given outsized voices by Leftists. Corporate media, Big Tech, and their toadies are trying to deceive and demoralize us. All they are doing is further destroying their credibility.

Does Going from the Basement to the White House Make Sense?

So, What Starts Happening November 4th? It’s Already Not Looking Good.

The Left (with Democrat elected politicians running cover for their brownshirts – Antifa and Black Lives Matter) has been in training all summer long in the large Democrat “owned” cities, notably Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, NYC; the list just keeps going on and one.