Video: U-Haul Truck Delivers Supplies to "Protesters" in Louisville - Granite Grok

Video: U-Haul Truck Delivers Supplies to “Protesters” in Louisville

UHAUL supplies for protesters

A U-HAUL Truck being emptied of supplies. Signs, shields, were there weapons as well? Was there a different truck with weapons? That’s the question, and the Feds need to find the answers. It is clear someone is moving “protesters” around the country and delivering equipment to them.

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We’re not talking Rooney and Garland; I’ve got a barn, I’ll make the costumes, no this is some well organized and well-funded business.


This U-HAUL is reported to have been rented by Holly Zoller of the Louisville Bail Initiative.


Zoller confirmed it was her in a phone call from a concerned citizen who pretended to work for the rental company. You can listen to it in full at the end of this article.


The Louisville Bail Initiative includes at least two people connected to George Soros. I’m wondering how many bail projects around the country have ties to him or other big left-wing money.  The Left has abused bail reform as a cover for the larger goal of keeping dangerous criminals on the streets to destabilize society.

One of the earliest concerns for Democrat governors was how quickly they could use COVID as an excuse to empty the prisons. They did, and, predictably, crime rose in these cities. In some instances, by many hundreds of percent and often focused on minority communities.

Helping who to do what might be a question on your mind.

Of course, invoking Soros these days is like saying ‘Hitler‘ and not because the one used to work for the other. It means you’ve given up, except here you have not. It’s no secret he bankrolls dozens if not hundreds of left-wing projects or organizations (even here in NH). He’s got it out for America, so it is no stretch at all to link him to this.

We’ve seen it all over the US. Protesters gather (see also flown or driven in) within whom domestic terrorists hide to gain access to targets. You do not need a shield for a peaceful protest. You do if you intend to take things a bit further.

The anecdotal evidence alone is convincing.

So, back to the beginning. If people or material are being carried across state lines to foment insurrection, those funding them need to be identified and questioned. Charges should be brought where necessary, indictments issued, and soon. Minority business owners and families have been subjected to enough Democrat rule. We need to free them again and as quickly as we can.