The Left Wants to Think of Us and Trump as Some Sort of Beaten Puppy - Granite Grok

The Left Wants to Think of Us and Trump as Some Sort of Beaten Puppy

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The Left wants to think of us and Trump as some sort of beaten puppy exiting. But they take away the wrong lesson. The outliers are given outsized voices by Leftists. Corporate media, Big Tech, and their toadies are trying to deceive and demoralize us. All they are doing is further destroying their credibility.

We are not like these rioters. Not in any way. That includes in making an ignominious exit. Yes, we’re headed for the wilderness. Yes, that is what befalls a party out of power. The truth is, however, we’ve been out of power this whole time. A very corrupt, entrenched deep state has control of America.

Learn from the mistakes … Don’t erase history

This corrupt cabal has aligned itself with Leftists and Islamists. That is the alliance. Trump was undermined and lied to continuously. Every branch of the government he was elected to command is complicit. The past four years have made the truth much plainer to see. Seeing clearly makes it possible and necessary for us to act prudently, but act we shall.

Being in the wilderness has its advantages. Among them is loyalty. Away from the din, it is easier to grasp the truth and embrace the message. We have grown loyalty of the kind that arises only amid brothers and sisters in arms under constant attack. It teaches us to sacrifice, to become tougher, leaner, smarter, and more agile. The Leftists are creating unity for us.

These are great assets. They may or may not give us a political advantage immediately. Maybe it will not come here in this temporal life. But we are absolutely sure it will make us a better fit for eternal life. And the left can never truly command people whose souls are free. No matter how strong the Left may appear to be freedom, respect for life, and property rights are ours. They cannot be taken away by any but God.