"Teachers would beam with pride" - Granite Grok

“Teachers would beam with pride”

Minneapolis Riot Rubble

The spoon-fed, spoiled, rich kids toppling statues in Minneapolis on behalf of a phony cause has given me an idea.

  1. They want national attention.
  2. They want to replace American history with one they have drummed up.
  3. The baby anarchists yearn for a future of “justice” where everyone is equal.

How about this:

  1. Buy up the burned down businesses, block by block on the cheap, now.
  2. Organize this collection of former capitalist entities into adjoining properties as much as possible and fence them off.
  3. Declare the entire disaster a national monument to BLM and ANTIFA.

There, now we have replacements for statues of real Americans who stood for something – as opposed to what Marxism does to a municipality where everyone gets his fair share of justice by brute force. Who needs Cuba and Venezuela for examples of Marxism when we have it encapsulated right here in Democrat cities?

Government school kids could be bussed into Democrat cities to get a look at what their future holds. Teachers would beam with pride.

Why, a national monument like this would surely draw progressive tourists and gentrification of what is left. Our futuristic, Marxist Utopia – a must see on any trip to Minneapolis, Portland, NY City, or even some lucky suburbs.

Let’s do this…for the children.