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Unhinged Democrats

Can someone tell me… why?

“Truth dies in darkness.” So do starving people. Living in one of the most prosperous countries in the history of the world, I am dumbstruck by the number of liberals, progressives, and communists who would push Americans into Venezuelan-style inflation, starvation, and socialism.

Missouri Gov Mark Parson screen grab Pason Gov page

Missouri Gov. Gives The McCloskey’s a Pardon

During the heat of summer, when rioters were freely engaging in super-spreader event violence and mayhem, a couple from St Louis made national news for daring to stand on their property with firearms to protect their stuff from looters and arsonists.

America flag sunrise field Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

If America Is the Worst Country in the World Why Are You Here?

Seriously, since we are repeatedly told that the US is the worst country in the world, that we are , directly or indirectly, the cause of most atrocities in other countries, that white people are irredeemably oppressors, that people of color will always be oppressed, why are you here?

If it Were Not For Double Standards, the Left Would Have no Standards at All.

The United States Supreme Court recently released an opinion Jones vs. Mississippi that involved the constitutionality of a life-without-parole murder sentence for a minor. By a six to three majority, the court held that the Eighth Amendment does not require a finding that a minor be permanently incorrigible as a prerequisite to a sentence of …

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