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“Republican-Caused,” Riots, Looting And Insurrection

Republicans are at fault for all of this unrest…So says the leftist mouthpieces. And most are buying that line hook, line and sinker. Yes, our rubber-spined Republicans sit mute…while Rome burns and they fiddle…doing nothing. Nothing. Tom Cotton has spoken out, but Senator Cotton is a lone voice. Again, we see how Leftists are eating …

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Popular Mechanics

Sigh, now BOTH Popular Science and Popular Mechanics are Dead to Me

As the saying goes, “Go Woke, go broke.” Just look at what has happened to Dick’s Sporting Goods after they decided that they weren’t just going to stop selling long guns, especially those using the AR-15 platform. They also decided that they were going to fund anti-gun lobbyists as well.

Jerry Delemus

Who Should Not Be in Jail? Jerry Delemus!

Violent Communist agitators backed by millions in donated funds are wreaking as much pre-election organized havoc as possible.  Progressives in Hollywood as well as Democrat elites are complicit in burning down their own cities as angry communists claim the surrendered land as their own.