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Boston Sports, Brady, Belichick, NFL, Protests, Trump, and Anarchy

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The NFL is taking a ratings hit. Fans are tired of well-paid players gifted with the American Experiment’s rewards, siding with Marxist cop-killing homewreckers (BLM). And while not everyone who suits up agrees or makes millions, the averages are above average.

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Put another way, people who make a lot more than plumbers, truck drivers, and police officers preaching from well-paid perches long distanced from the real world by big bags of money, should shut up and play the game.

Nope, that’s not how they roll.

We’ve got players putting rapists names on their helmets and corporate praising a group that promotes fatherless unwed minority mothers over traditional families. The backdrop has been months of violence, riots, fires, and a few peaceful protests.

The Trump administration has been hands-off for the most part, only addressing matters of violence in DC or at local Federal buildings, which are, of course, their responsibility. Everywhere else, the offer of assistance has been made, and action has again only occurred where Federal workers or property are at risk of damage or destruction by “peacefully protesters” threatening peace, life, or property with weapons, Molotovs, and the occasional bag of feces or jar of urine.

Enter Dan Shaughnessy, legendary sportswriter for the Boston Globe, who can’t resist injecting his bias into an NFL week one article about Brady and Belichick. The Dolphins stayed in the locker room. The Patriots were on the field, standing, no protest at all. This leads Dan to observe that,


There’s not a lot of room for public protest when your owner and coach have pledged allegiance to a president who views all protests as anarchy.


There was plenty of room last year. But maybe Bill and Bob realized that was bad for the brand things being how they are with few to no fans paying to fill the stands. They made a business decision. Let’s not piss off our base any more than the NFL already has.

No. It’s because of Trump. Okay, so Dan wouldn’t change his mind it these protesters looted his house and burned it to the ground? Or would he be whining about the injustice, maybe even blaming Trump? That is, after all, how these folks roll.

But as noted above, even the protests that are actual anarchy have left by this President to the mayors and governors to deal with, most of whom embraced them publicly until Democrat polling started to suffer.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly offered help at restoring peace to these neighborhoods – honoring our nation’s tradition of Federalism – but there are few if any takers.

Minorities are left to fend for themselves, had their business destroyed, jobs canceled, and watched as crime has skyrocketed around them. All because #woke a**holes who attained higher office than a sportswriter would rather pander to a narrative than face the reality.

Any problem that exists is a result of decades of  Democrat “leadership.”

In just three years, Donald Trump did more for minorities than the Black guy he succeeded or any president, program, or bureaucrat before him for decades, perhaps ever. His reward is to be called a racist who colluded to steal an election without which those people would have never had a taste of the success his presidency alone afforded them. One which they may never have again if he is not reelected.

Most journalists and media people are incapable of seeing any of this, and many are not permitted. The office community standards prohibit it. And that wears you down until you either give up or convert. Most lack the spine to walk away, so they roll overtake the paycheck and join the collective. One day not long after, they can’t remember having a thought that was truly their own

It is what it is, as is the decline in interest by normal Americans in the panty-twisting of professional athletes or sportswriters (talking heads and old media) who think they are open-minded but clearly can’t get past their own brand of systemic discrimination to think anything outside the blue bubble.

Those who can get passed it are suppressed or canceled because the Left’s ideas are so damn good that it should be criminal to suggest anything else. And if we keep electing Democrats, it will be.