Portland 'Defund the Police' Oregon Has 116% Increase in Shootings for 2020 - Granite Grok

Portland ‘Defund the Police’ Oregon Has 116% Increase in Shootings for 2020

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Portland was long past stupid many years before George Floyd overdosed on Fentanyl. We have close to 200 posts on this progressive policy poster child. Their latest left-wing tantrum included yanking 15 million and ending the city’s gun violence reduction team. Shootings are up over 116% from 2019.


Democrats are the smartest people in the room, you say?

“At least 850 shootings have been reported in Portland as of Dec. 24, with 59 reported so far this month, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) statistics show. There were 33 shootings reported in December of last year,” Fox News notes. “As of Christmas Eve, this year’s shootings had surpassed last year’s by more than 116%, with 393 shootings reported in all of 2019, statistics show.”

This follows a pattern we have seen in Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Rochester, and other Democrat-run cities that used the death of a criminal and a drug abuser to advance left-wing policy. A problem that Joe Biden, if he assumes the throne, will move to resolve.

A Democrat administration with minimal resistance will quickly move to bail out California and New York, and Illinois. Not their police forces, their state budgets.

Already blown before the COVID economic punishments on their dhimmi subjects, these states need more cash than ever. Biden will provide.

So, what about the police problem? What have I said this was about from the beginning. Going back to Ferguson and Michael Brown. Even earlier in the Obama administration. The militarization of the police was an Obama program. As was the mandate of federal oversight of local policing anywhere they decided there was evidence of what we now call systemic racism.

The goal has always been federal control. Think of it as taking every local cop shop and turning them into the TSA. Federal paycheck, federal union, answering to the AG, the FBI, or, more likely, a Federalized agency specific to the task.

The chaos they created exists to create the vacuum this new initiative will fill. And for the safety of the people, they will try to fill it. Only that’s not who they will be charged with protecting. Their job will be to protect the political class, just like every other tyranny.

Portland is just playing it’s part while the people currently trying to protect and serve are used as pawns to advance the Party agenda.