Oregon's Gov Promises Police Resources to End Violence in Portland - "Police Resources" say No - Granite Grok

Oregon’s Gov Promises Police Resources to End Violence in Portland – “Police Resources” say No

Portland Marxists Riots

After three months of encouraging riots and violence by left-wing proxies BLM and Antifa, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has a plan to bring peace to Portland. The only problem is that she didn’t make peace with local sheriffs and police chiefs first and they are saying no, thanks we’re not interested.

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From city streets to the halls of Washington DC Democrats have ridden waves of protests and riots for political points by bashing cops and taking away resources (or at least promising to do so).

At the same time, any act of force including when an officer feels someone’s at risk – including their own- has the potential to become a career-ending political nightmare with long-term legal repercussions for law enforcement.

Yeah, sure, we’ll waltz onto that dance floor for you Governor…not.


Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett also indicated that he would not send deputies to assist, writing: “The lack of political support for public safety, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intense scrutiny on use of force presents an unacceptable risk if deputies were deployed directly.”


Officers are expected to operate in a hostile area with violent mobs with no air cover. The politicians and the criminal justice system are hostile to them as well. There is no support.

Every action they take is political fuel for the politicians and the mobs they’ve been deployed to control. And it’s entirely the fault of Democrats.  And anyone they successfully detain without ending up an Internet video star is released that night or the next day (by order of the same Democrats) to misbehave the next night. What exactly is the point?

“Over the weekend, members of our associations [The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police] were approached to assist with policing in the City of Portland,” the association said. “Unfortunately, due to the lack of support for public safety operations, the associated liability to agencies who would be assisting in Portland and the lack of accountability for those arrested committing criminal acts, we cannot dedicate our limited resources away from the communities we serve.”


Reap what you Sow

Portland Democrat mayor Ted Wheeler and Democrat governor Kate Brown applauded the “protests” and declared them a form of free expression even as businesses were looted, cars burned, and other crimes committed.

In the absence of any sort of order, a caravan of concerned private citizens descended on Portland to try and return some peace to the beleaguered city. One of them was murdered by a rioter who had been detained previously for rioting and illegal weapons possession but who was released uncharged by the Democrat District Attorney.

While Democrats try to blame Trump for that murder nothing could further from the truth. Democrats not only aided and abetted the riot-culture they’ve kept it alive. Encouraged it. And now that it has begun to impact polling Kate Brown has decided to rally the aid of County Sheriffs and chiefs from surrounding towns to settle things down, but they aren’t stupid.

They have all politely told her to piss off until the rules of engagement change.

Until politicians like Brown decide the citizens who elected them who are not rioting are more important to them than the ones that are rioting, she (and Portland) have to sleep in the bed that they made.

Not that anyone can get any sleep.