Portland Spends 200% More on 'Policing' Since it Defunded the Police - Granite Grok

Portland Spends 200% More on ‘Policing’ Since it Defunded the Police

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Add this new act to the list of stupid Democrat tricks. Portland, the city that can’t sleep because of the rioting, got #woke, and now they’ll go broke.  Defunding the police has cost them 7 million more year-over-year, a 200% increase in law enforcement spending.

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For the record, protesters wanted a 50 million dollar cut to the city police budget. The City council voted to chop $15 million off June. But police overtime added 7 million in new spending above last year’s budget.

The rioters  (BLM and Antifa) and their Enablers (Idoit Democrats) managed to successfully increase police spending by  “protesting” to reduce it.

Nice work.


Portland’s KATU News reported Tuesday that PPB has spent at least $6.9 million in overtime pay in June and July, amid a wave of nightly anti-police riots that began in the city in late May. From January until June, PPB had only spent $4.5 million on overtime pay.

The spike in overtime pay coincides with a summer of unrest in the city. Rioters, many of whom have pushed for reforming and defunding the police, have for months wreaked havoc on the city—at times launching fireworks and explosives at government buildings, including a federal courthouse, and setting fire to a local police precinct.


Entitlements keep people entitled and in poverty. Family Planning destroys families. The Democrat’s common-sense gun laws result in more gun crime and violence. Police reform and budget cuts add millions in new spending. And they wonder why we object to them putting their hands on anything and why we think they have touched too much.

Portland has become one more bit of evidence that proves Democrats destroy everything they touch.

Pro-Tip: Don’t let them touch the Oval Office and get them out of every other office, as soon as it is convenient. Say, this November.