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Math is Hard. It’s Harder if You Support Elizabeth Warren

Most of the Democrats are ga-ga over the newest hip progressive thing. Because that partial takeover called ObamaCare was such a loser. They want a total takeover of health care. No matter how much it costs. Just be sure to tell the Middle Class it won’t cost them a thing.

We are in Silly Season

We are in Silly Season

The Democratic presidential candidates just keep selling new government programs. Sure it is lying season on the campaign trail. But at some point, somebody has to ask: How are you going to pay for that?

Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Lieawatha’s talking points about her life story are crumbling. Warren pushed her Cherokee Indian story until that became untenable. Now we Grok she’s not a Cherokee Indian.

Hillary 2020

Is Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2020?

The current crop of Democrats vying for the chance to challenge Trump is less than exciting. Bernie, Biden, and Warren are in a statistical dead-heat. Two lying socialists and a creepy guy who can’t remember in which of the 57 states he’s currently propped up.