Percy Blakeney, Author at Granite Grok

Percy Blakeney

"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel."

CAIR from the founder

Human Being has No Meaning in Islam

How is Islam different? In Islam there is no humanity. There is no unitary ethic. There is no Golden Rule. Instead, there is the duality of the believer and the unbeliever. When we look at the ethical statements from the Hadith we see the illustration of duality.


They Were Wrong. It Was Islam.

Islam came from Arabia. When it broke out of its shell in the desert the first place it went was to The Byzantine world. Byzantium was past its prime and well into decay. The Christians of the Byzantine recorded the event as an Arabic invasion. They were wrong. It was Islam.

It is fair

It’s Called Blacklisting

Research from the Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology suggests One in three Conservatives in Academia has been threatened with disciplinary action for expressing their beliefs.

Act Blue AB Logo

Look at Who Is Helping to Fund a Terror-Aligned Hate Group

ActBlue is an online donation portal. It primarily services leftist and Democrat-aligned organizations and it works with the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). PACBI is a hate group under the control of a coalition of organizations with ties to terrorism.

Stand for Something

Speak Truth Firmly to Evil

America has been the anchor of western civilization for the last century. Today we no longer articulate our values and principles. We listen constantly to leftist crap. This is the reason we have drifted so far off our moorings. It is time to stand for something.

Carry a cellphone

Carry a Cellphone? … Pay Government to Track You

If you carry a cellphone in your pocket you may as well be wearing an ankle bracelet. Think about it. Cell phones are convenient devices. They are handy for connecting us with loved ones, paying bills and accessing information. They are also silently and continuously reporting on our every move.