Percy Blakeney, Author at Granite Grok

Percy Blakeney

"They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel."

Scandinavian Socialists

Scandinavian Socialists

During this spring our government has been guilty of massive overreach. The people in charge were so fearful they felt they needed to put restrictions in place. They suspended the U.S. Constitution. Our political leaders would have us believe they needed to ban our freedoms to keep us safe.

Elections are about values and principles

Elections Are About Values and Principles

These are perilous times. Over the last three years, much of what America holds dear has come under threat. That includes individuality, freedom, personal property, and civility. Today truth and life itself are under threat.

FDR Stole Two-Thirds Of Americans' Savings

FDR Stole Two-Thirds of Americans’ Savings

Remember when FDR stole two-thirds of Americans’ savings? No, of course you don’t. It happened 87 years ago. The last time that populism existed as a major force in the world was in the 1930s. What we’re experiencing today is similar to what happened in the 1930s in many ways.

Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond.

Tyranny Looms If We Do Not Respond

We should understand tyranny looms if we do not respond. Ms. Bari says editors live in fear of offending this orthodoxy. Writers are careful lest they ruin their careers. The Times plays it so safe in accepting op-eds Twitter has become the “ultimate editor.”

What if Biden Wins the Presidency

What if Biden Wins the Presidency?

What happens if Biden wins the presidency? Let’s think about the situation. For the first 3 years of Trump’s presidency, the stock market was rising and the economy was growing.  This masks many of the factors driving a sense of hopelessness in the country. Many Americans and the nation itself have unpayable debt.

Suspension of the U.S. Constitution

Suspension of the U.S. Constitution

We are no longer in an epidemic, that’s what the CDC is now saying. Yet, our rights and freedoms have not been restored. And why is that? Could it have anything to do with our megalomaniacal leadership and their love of control? Gee… I wonder.

Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

Was The Times Error Tolerance or Intolerance?

The New York Times failed to anticipate the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. It sought to correct its error of judgment by facilitating non-leftist opinions. Those of centrists, conservatives, and others rarely appear on the Times’ editorial page.