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Comrade Liz Warren has a Plan to Take Guns from Law Abiding Citizens


Elizabeth Warren has a plan. She’s the planning candidate. Lots of ideas. Cue hand scrubbing and sinister laughter. So, yes, disarming law-abiding citizens – she has a policy idea for that too.

ICYMI – NH Democrats! – Real Gun Control means: Time to Regulate Pockets on Cargo Pants

There’s a lot of crap smeared across her plan. The NRA and Trump are common restrains. She manages to squeeze in the domestic abuse, ending the filibuster, plenty of executive actions, and did we mention blaming the NRA?


Hold manufacturers accountable, prevent bulk purchases, raising the minimum age of purchase. Nothing all that unexpected. She throws everything at the blue wall because it will stick to left-wing primary voters. Like investigating the NRA. Sure, and then there’s all of this, (Saved locally as a pdf, here.)

  • Creating a federal licensing system.
  • Requiring universal background checks
  • Increasing taxes on gun manufacturers
  • Establishing a real waiting period
  • Capping firearms purchases
  • Creating a new federal anti-trafficking law
  • Passing a new federal assault weapons ban
  • Banning high-capacity ammunition magazines
  • Prohibiting accessories that make weapons more deadly (Like Liberal?)
  • Passing extreme risk protection laws
  • Prohibiting anyone convicted of a hate crime from owning a gun (anyone not a Democrat)
  • Securing our schools
  • Repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act
  • Holding gun manufacturers strictly liable
  • Strengthening ATF
  • Regulating firearms for consumer safety
  • Tightening oversight for gun dealers
  • Holding gun industry CEOs personally accountable

Warren promises to be very hands-on. Lots of executive follow-ups. Because you can’t rob people blind to fund declining medical care and a drain-swirling jobless economy if they can defend themselves from all threats, foreign, and domestic.

Remember, gun control is not about public safety. It is about protecting leftists in the government from citizens who discover the Democrats lied to them and screwed them over. Which is to say Liz Warren doesn’t have a plan; she had a template.

It’s the same one used by Castro, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, and every other political supremacist bent on the subjugation of a people. You can’t do anything meaningful from the Left until you disarm those you mean to rule. And Elizabeth Warren means to do both.


Note: An earlier version of this post opened with the confusing sentence “Cure hand scrubbing and sinister laughter.” That almost makes no sense. The correct wording is “cue hand scrubbing..” It has been edited.