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Is Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2020?

Hillary 2020

The current crop of Democrats vying for the chance to challenge Trump is less than exciting. Bernie, Biden, and Warren are in a statistical dead-heat. Two lying socialists and a creepy guy who can’t remember in which of the 57 states he’s currently propped up.

Yes, Biden lies too. They all do. But not as well as Hillary. Or, is that as poorly? But Clinton has magic. She can commit crimes without fear of conviction. That’s the perfect trait for a Democrat president. And she’s married to that friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Bill something.

So, when Ms. Clinton starts holding fundraisers and showing up for awards (she’s writing another book) you’d be right to consider the possibility.

Hillary Clinton wants the Democrat nomination for President.

Third time is the charm, after all. Assuming she doesn’t have to answer unfiltered questions at a debate to which she has not been prepped.

Hearing Hillary announce a third presidential bid would be like hearing your dentist say he has to go ahead with that third root canal, and he just ran out of Novocaine.

No sane person wants her in the race, which doesn’t stop her from getting the party’s full support, of course. However, a former aide said she would “ankle dive at the door” to stop her from running (a possible fatal act of heroism, depending on how things fall).

That’s from Richard K. Davis at American Thinker, and I think he’s on to something.

Unfortunately, there’s the doddering campaign of Grandpa Joe, who right now is probably regaling some small crowd in New Vermont about his exploits at Gettysburg. Joe is seen by many as the centrist in the race, the voice of reason (senility now being considered a reasonable position by Democrats).

But Joe’s just one gaffe and/or false memory away from imploding, and the establishment will need a replacement. That pretty much only leaves Hillary. She’s a perfect substitute: old, white, rich, privileged as hell, and corrupt to the gills. She’s just like Joe with only half the dementia.

All of which is true, though I suspect that Liz Warren could be the new Hillary. She’s the best of both. The amalgam of a doddering old socialist (Bernie) and a woman (Hillary). If only Biden and Bernie were to flame out.  

That’s assuming Hillary doesn’t decide that she’s with Hillary. Then there’s no stopping her. It’s been her dream. Since she was a little girl. Named after a famous guy who wouldn’t be recognized for a few more years yet. The woman who withstood sniper fire, along with Brian Williams. And has no collusion baggage of her own. All of which would probably come out before the election thanks to the vast right-wing conspiracy.

And when she strikes out (third time is the charm), we can enjoy four more years of Democrats flailing about, crying, whining, and, well, you know the deal.

Maybe Hillary should run.

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