The College Craziness Has Reached the Presidential-Wanna Be Clown Show - Granite Grok

The College Craziness Has Reached the Presidential-Wanna Be Clown Show


We’ve been making fun of the SJW /Progressive absolute stupidness on college campuses for years.  I really did think that once the nitwits with degrees got into the real working world, most of that would drop off and be remembered as “my college years – wasn’t I silly?”

Like me, looking back at my high school yearbook going “really, we thought that haircut was cool?”

Unfortunately, we are seeing that the damage that Italian Socialist Antonio Gramsci and the intellectual underpinnings from the Frankfurt School has come full fruit into our culture.

Doubt me?  Here’s the Gender Identity of “I am what I say I am right now – next 5 minutes might be something different and YOU have to deal with it!” reaching the upper echelon of our political hierarchy.  I guess Fauxcahontus really needed to tell us who she really is:

Me? He/My Royal Majesty.  And don’t be a hater – I can define myself anyway I want to, right? If you on the Left can demand to be called anything you want, well, so can we. In the meantime, do we REALLY know that “she” really is a “she”?  We know from her DNA announcement that she’s less an Indian than the run of the mill American (i.e., >1024th %).  Did anyone hear if she was XX or XY (we’ll leave the low percentage “diversity” of permutations alone for the time being)?

On a serious note, Culture has now changed Politics and I’m afraid that it may be for good until the entire country wakes up to this absolute nuttiness that is the situational ethics and the total rejection of absolute values and science by the Left.  Unfortunately, it is going to get worse unless it gets better and that latter part is only going to happen if Conservatives and limp spinal Republicans refuse to play that game (unless to ridicule it). Can this Stupid Genie be put back into its SJW bottle?

Only by refusing to play this game AND MAKING IT CLEAR that any attempt to rope the Right back in is going to be shoved back in their faces will be the default reaction can our politics back to something more normal.

As always, my default reaction is “Up Your’s”; stand up to them.

(H/T: Breitbart)