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Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Pinocchio Has Nothing on Lieawatha

Lieawatha’s talking points about her life story are crumbling. Warren pushed her Cherokee Indian story until that became untenable. Now we Grok she’s not a Cherokee Indian.

Not an Indian

More over her ancestors seem to have been participants in the Trail of Tears. Her ancestors were white. They seem to have been among those rounding up and removing the Indians. The Indians were forced to walk to reservations in the west. We all Grok what happened with that faux pas.

Not discriminated against

She has another big, often used campaign trail life story. In the story she encounters firing from her first teaching job, because she was pregnant. That too is false. She claims discrimination because she was a woman. There was no discrimination against her.

She was not subject to discrimination because she was female.  There was no firing because she was pregnant. In fact, her resignation was voluntary and acceptance was with regret. So maybe we can say that story has veracity challenges too. Whatever way we say, the Warren story seems more fiction than fact.

Not trustworthy

We cannot trust the candidate to tell the truth about the basic facts of her life. Why believe her about other things? Why does it make sense to trust her proposals? Lieawatha has your best interest at heart; wink, wink. Lieawatha understands the implications of her proposals, wink, wink.

Lieawatha is a socialist. She speaks with a forked tongue. Lieawatha will steal your property rights. She wants to tax your income, your wealth and your transactions. Lieawatha will destroy the economy with financial regulation. She seeks to tax freedom out of existence.

What is true

She does not support the U.S. Constitution. She probably is the best candidate the Democrats have… because they are all socialists in name and or in their policy positions. THEY ARE TYRANNY LOVING SOCIALISTS. Tyranny is where socialism has always led. This time will be no different.